Using CBD While in Recovery

Going to a recovery center such as a rehab centre in Toronto is a major step forward in your life and the best place for you to be if you are looking to overcome your addiction. With access to high-quality therapists who can help you work through your emotions and addiction and the health care you need to heal from past use, all you need is the willpower to carry on your initial progress.

One major question that may come up during your treatment is whether or not it is okay to use certain substances, with one of the more prevalent products being Cannabidiol (CBD). If this has come up in your own journey, let’s learn more about what CBD is and whether or not it is okay to take this hemp extract.

Using CBD - image for article 43433What Is Cannabidiol?

The answer to our question lies in the reality of what this substance is. CBD is a substance known as a cannabinoid that is found within the hemp plant. Much like the cannabis plant features THC as their main chemical, CBD flowers contain CBD, which can then be extracted as a concentrate and used for pain relief or put in CBD products meant to be used as relaxants.

It’s important to note that, while CBD can be extracted from various strains of cannabis that are highly psychoactive (which you will need to look out for), any legal product is cultivated by growers of industrial hemp, who make sure that there is very little THC content in their products.

Can CBD Get You High?

The secret to your sobriety lies in the type of CBD you are purchasing. If you are using CBD products that are legal and abundant in the hemp industry, you are perfectly safe and you don’t have to worry about failing a drug test anytime soon. This is due to the fact that CBD buds are far different than cannabis strains in terms of THC content. Legal products have less than .03 percent of THC in their mixture.

Whether you are taking tinctures, edibles, smoking fresh CBD flowers, or using a vaporizer oil, you are not going to get high by any means. That said, there are products out there that increase the THC content in their mixture for recreational and medicinal purposes. Make sure you carefully research your chosen brand to ensure that THC consumed during the drug administration process.

If you are going to buy CBD flower products or similar, you should also know that CBD is not an FDA approved substance and clinicians still have to do more research on this cannabinoid before clear benefits can be determined. However, it will not be a concern for those who are worried about accidentally getting high or failing a drug test.

How Should I Take CBD?

Now that we’ve learned more about the difference between THC and CBD, how CBD flowers come from hemp that isn’t intoxicating, and that it is safe to take, you may want to know more about how you can use this product. As we stated above, more research needs to be conducted on hemp products like CBD before we can confidently say that you will receive any benefits that will serve as a cure for your ailments.

That said, this hasn’t stopped hemp producers from coming up with a variety of different products that you can see all of if you jump online. Some of these common products include edibles (which often have the best flavor, if the flavor is important to you), CBD hemp flowers (which can often be bought by the gram, ounce, or lb and rolled into joints or smoked in pipes), full-spectrum CBD oils and topicals, which feature all of the plant matter found in CBD trichomes (like terpenes), or CBD isolate, which is a pure form of the substance.

So, is CBD safe for someone in recovery? As long as you purchase legal products online that fall below the THC threshold, you can most certainly use this substance both now and in the future.


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