Things to Consider When Using Pain Relief Rub

Did you know that pain relief rubs are essential both after the workout and before the workout? Contrary to what most individuals thought, the medication is only essential after workouts. The pain relief rub is equally important before workouts as it provides validation and increases blood flow through the bloodstream. After the workouts, the rub helps relieve the pain from sore muscles. However, you’ll need to consider the following things when using the pain relief rub.

Pain relief rub - things to consider

The medication is only meant for external use

You can only use the pain relief rub for external purposes, for the skin uses only. When applying the medication, ensure that it doesn’t contact the body parts that have membranes. The body parts include; eyes, nose, mouth, and genital parts.

Importantly it would be great to avoid touching other body parts after applying the medication to the soring muscles. However, if you accidentally touch any of the parts with the medication, it’ll be good to wash the area with a lot of running water to remove the medication quickly. Alternatively, it’s good to wash your hands with clean water and soap.

The application procedure of the medication

If you have an affected area you want to apply the rub, it’ll be good to apply a thin layer of the rub 3 to 4 times a day. After applying, you’ll need to thoroughly and gently rub the surface, always take care not to cause much pain as you rub the medication. After applying, you let the medication dissolve into the body through the skin.

Unless you are having a problem on the hand that requires you to use the medication, it’ll be good to wash your hand immediately after administering. However, if you have applied the pain relief rub on an affected place after applying the rub, wash your hands after 30 minutes to allow the drug action.

Don’t apply the rub on open cuts and wounds

When you injure any part of the body, like cutting, burning, or even scraping, you shouldn’t apply the open cuts or wounds. The medication will have adverse effects on your body as the drug is meant to get to the body through absorption on the skin, not directly into the bloodstream or muscles. Additionally, after applying the medication, you shouldn’t bandage tightly the area affected.

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Heat increases the side effects of pain relief rub

An increase in heat will automatically increase the risk of adverse side effects of the medication. Therefore, it’s important to avoid conditions that make the skin warm when applying the medications.

Conditions such as applying the medication during or immediately after or before a hot bath or sunbath will generally increase the skin’s temperature. Thus, it’ll be good to wait for the skin to cool before you apply the medication. Lastly, medical experts warn against using a heating pad, hot water bottle, or sunlamp on the affected area.

Final thoughts

Pain relief rub is very important for preparing you for workouts and helping you after work out to heal sore muscles. However, it’s very important to consider the above things to ensure the effectiveness of the medication and prevent adverse side effects.