VectorVest Review: Is This A Must Have Trading Tool

In the trading landscape of 2024, having the right tools is essential to outperform the market. This need led to the creation of VectorVest, a platform born out of Dr. DiLiddo’s expertise as a mathematician and his passion for the stock market. 

An MIT graduate, Dr. DiLiddo recognized the challenge of sifting through thousands of stocks and sought a faster way to get answers. Hence, he developed VectorVest, a system designed to make stock analysis more efficient and less time-consuming.

VectorVest is a powerful solution for portfolio management. It offers advanced trading tools that assist users in making well-informed decisions, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. This feature is particularly advantageous for active traders who require quick and accurate market insights. The platform is engineered not only to provide an edge in market performance but also to potentially minimize trading risks.

For those interested in understanding how VectorVest can change the way you trade, further details and insights are available if you continue reading this VectorVest review

Features and Benefits of VectorVest

VectorVest has a number of beneficial features that help users gain an advantage over other traders. Here are the main ones you should be aware of:

  • VectorVest 7: As the flagship software, VectorVest 7 stands out with its ability to analyze and rank over 20,000 global stocks using 41 different parameters. It not only provides vital buy, sell, and hold strategies but also keeps users informed about the right entry and exit points.
  • Stock Advisory Mobile App: Echoing the capabilities of VectorVest 7, the mobile app is a convenient advisor for on-the-go traders. It’s part of the premium plan, offering delayed streaming data and similar advisory functions to the main platform.
  • RoboTrader: More than just an alert system, RoboTrader integrates with VectorVest’s other offerings. It simplifies the trading process by pre-filling order forms when connected to a partner broker, although it’s not an automated trading robot.
  • RealTime Derby: This unique program analyzes over 100 long and 30 short strategies every day to pinpoint the top 10 real-time trading opportunities, offering a strategic edge in market performance.
  • Watchdog & Super Watchdog: These tools vigilantly monitor selected stocks, alerting users based on set criteria like MACD or support/resistance levels. Super Watchdog continues this monitoring even when you’re not at your computer.
  • ProfitLocker Pro: A critical tool for managing floating stop loss and taking profits, ProfitLocker Pro is key for risk management and securing earnings.
  • ProTrader 7: Offering more than 28 built-in technical searches, this engine is fully customizable to suit individual trading needs, providing an enhanced analytical experience.
  • Options Analyzer: Specifically designed for options trading, this tool offers detailed analysis graphs and built-in trades, aiding traders in crafting effective strategies.
  • Personal Portfolio Analysis: Leveraging VectorVest’s stock analysis system, this service offers in-depth portfolio management. It guides traders with actionable advice based on thorough backtesting.

Drawbacks of VectorVest

Here are the drawbacks you should be aware of before deciding to sign up for VectorVest:

  • Higher Cost: VectorVest tends to be more expensive than many of its competitors, which might be a significant consideration for budget-conscious traders or beginners.
  • Information Overload: The platform provides a vast amount of data, which can be overwhelming or confusing, particularly for new traders who are still familiarizing themselves with the stock market.
  • Computer Processing Power Dependency: The performance and speed of VectorVest’s software are reliant on the user’s computer capabilities, which could be limiting for those with older or less powerful machines.

VectorVest Alternatives

If VectorVest doesn’t seem like something you are interested in, there are other great tools available for traders. Here are some of the other top ones:

  • Trade Ideas- Trade Ideas, launched in 2003, stands out in the trading world with its high-tech stock scanning and AI-driven capabilities, focusing mainly on the US and Canadian markets. It’s well-regarded for its robust stock scanning and advanced charting tools, alongside features for automated trading. The platform’s standout AI feature, Holly AI, offers real-time trading insights and suggestions, making it a valuable asset for traders looking to stay ahead.
  • TraderSync- TraderSync is an advanced online trading journal launched to enhance the performance of traders across various markets like stock, FX, options, and futures. This platform empowers traders by offering tools to track, analyze, and optimize trading strategies, focusing on data-driven decision-making. Key features include automated trade history imports from over 900 brokers, extensive reporting capabilities, and AI-powered insights. 
  • TradeZella: TradeZella is an advanced cloud-based trading journaling software designed for in-depth trade analysis and strategy improvement. It offers automated journaling, advanced trade tracking, and detailed reporting, making it ideal for traders keen on understanding their patterns and refining their approaches. With its focus on analytics and educational resources, TradeZella is well-suited for both new and experienced traders, although it may require some learning for those new to such platforms.


VectorVest stands as a potentially invaluable tool in the 2024 trading landscape, offering a suite of features designed to enhance portfolio management and decision-making. With its roots in Dr. DiLiddo’s mathematical expertise and passion for the stock market, VectorVest has evolved into a comprehensive platform. 

It provides users with advanced tools like VectorVest 7, RoboTrader, and the RealTime Derby program, along with effective risk management solutions like ProfitLocker Pro. These features collectively make it a powerful ally for those seeking deeper market insights. 

If you’re interested in seeing how VectorVest could revolutionize your trading approach, offering a strategic edge and improved market performance, Click Here