Virgin Galactic’s first commercial spaceport is “operationally functional”

Virgin Galactic's Gaia lounge
Virgin Galactic’s Gaia lounge.

Virgin Galactic’s first commercial spaceport is “operationally functional”.

The company unveiled interior of its “Gateway to Space” building at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

The building, primarily focused on spaceflight operations, incorporates communal spaces designed for use in the future by Virgin Galactic customers.

Over 600 people have already put down a deposit to reserve a seat aboard Virgin’s subtotal flights. A ticket currently costs $250,000.

Video – Virgin Galactic Opens the Doors to the ‘Gateway to Space’:

Virgin Galactic said in a statement that “completion of this interior work means the spaceport facility is now operationally functional and able to support Virgin Galactic’s flight requirements.”

Virgin said it opted for “an elegant, experience-focused concept.”

The building was also specifically designed to enable Virgin Galactic “to create an unparalleled experience as its customers prepare for journeys of a lifetime before graduating as astronauts.”

The first floor of the building, named Gaia, is zoned into “practical, formal and informal spaces which will host the space operations team, Future Astronauts and their family and friends.”

The second floor, named Cirrus, is home to Mission Control, the Mission Briefing Room, the Pilot Corps and the rest of the Flight Operations team.

According to, Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides told reports:

“It’s just a wonderful, special day for us.”

”It’s just a really important day, to share with you some of the progress and to declare operational readiness.”