5 Ways to Perk up Your Work-From-Home Office

Work from home has been an upward trend for years, but the 2020 pandemic has led to approximately 40% of all Americans working full-time from home. Is setting up a home office a must? As the “work from home” scenario increases, many are looking for home office ideas to create a dedicated workspace.

Are you one of the many remote workers in the country? If so, stick with us to learn 5 ways to perk up your work-from-home office. You’ll enjoy your surroundings and increase productivity.

1. Make it Comfortable

Do you find yourself slouching at the computer? Do you experience wrist pain while using your keyboard? Look into getting an ergonomic chair and keyboard.

Think about adding a yoga mat in one corner to do some stretching periodically throughout the day. Do you do a lot of reading for your job? Consider a comfortable reading chair.

2. Choose the Right Wall Color

Wall color has a psychological effect on people. Some colors are calming, some stimulate the brain, and some even keep your energy focused and help with creativity.

Color experts suggest painting your office a warm gray-beige. These shades of color keep your mind from wandering and help you focus.

Is your work more creativity-based? Colors like soft peach, coral, and pink, boost creativity and concentration.

3. Lighting

Lighting is important for your eyesight and your mental health. Whether you have natural light or need to add light to space, don’t make the mistake of sticking your desk in a dark corner.

If you have a window, set up your workspace so that you have a view and light shining directly on your desk. For the darker hours of the day, use a desk lamp with soft lighting.

4. Creative Storage

File cabinets have their place and are quite useful, but if you’re trying to spruce up your workspace, check out other options. Hang attractive file holders on the wall for things you access often.

Corner shelves, file boxes, and other hanging storage will keep clutter off your desk and store your belongings.

5. Decorate

Don’t just treat your home office as a work office. Make it homey, add your favorite things, and look at decorating websites for ideas to make it a space you love.

Add photos and wall decor, tchotchkes, functional but attractive furniture, plants, and a soft rug to warm up the room.

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Your Perfect Work-From-Home Office

Now that you have some tips to kick your work-from-home office up a notch, where will you start? Remember, besides making it functional, you’ll want to make it a place where you enjoy spending time.

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