Weird horseshoe UFO seen in International Space Station live feed

As soon as a weird UFO shaped like a horseshoe appeared on an International Space Station live feed, transmission was mysteriously stopped, say UFO seekers, who again accused NASA of intentionally censoring anything related to alien crafts in their video footages.

Alien hunters, UFO seekers and conspiracy theorists have been up in arms for several months after several live feeds were cut as soon as any interesting UFO appeared.

Mysterious horseshoe UFOA mysterious horseshoe-shaped UFO was spotted by an enthusiast while watching a live feed from the International Space Station. (Image:

In the video, a glowing blue object can be seen floating in space on the horizon and gradually approaching the International Space Station (ISS). The feed then goes blank (screen goes blue) for approximately one hour, after which you can see a significantly smaller white light in the distance.

Many viewers believe the smaller UFO seen later in the distance is the same alien craft, and use that argument as ‘proof’ that it could not have been a trick of light or the Moon.

Screen went blue when UFO came into focus

Scott Waring, who runs the web site UFO Sightings Daily, wrote:

“It was diamond shaped and it seemed to be changing its shape, but I think that’s due to it moving ever so closer to the ISS.”

“As the UFO came closer and began to come into focus, the screen turned blue. NASA always turns the screen blue if they see a UFO, in an attempt – failed attempt mind you – to hide it from the public.”

Another UFO filmed from ISSJadon Beeson, 20, from Stourport-on-Severn, in North Worcestershire, England, first spotted this UFO earlier this month while watching a live feed. He has written to NASA and is waiting for an explanation.

He sent the original footage to Tyler Glockner at Secureteam10, without sound, commenting “I hate adding music to videos, it takes away authenticity.”

Secureteam10, a popular YouTube channel, uploaded the video with a narrative of its own.

The narrator in the video said:

“What you just saw was some interesting new footage taken from the International Space Station of what looks like another one of those UFOs, up over the horizon of Earth.”

“Kudos to Scott for discovering this … and … when you actually play the footage quickly, it actually looks like the UFO changes its position. When we first see it, it is more on its side. But as you cycle through the footage, it actually looks to be manoeuvering more on its face – it almost looks like it twists sideways.”

Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant increase in the number of reported UFO sightings and alien encounters.

A UFO, which stands for Unidentified Flying Object, is any flying object that cannot be identified as a known phenomenon or device. It catches our attention, curiosity and frequently our imagination. It does not mean that aliens created it – it just means we do not know what it is.

Video – Live stream cut as horseshoe UFO appears in space

In this Secureteam 10 video, what looks like a horseshoe-shaped UFO appears just above Earth’s horizon.