Weird UFO with loud sound scared mother and daughter in Australia

A weird UFO that produced a really loud sound scared a mother and daughter when they saw the mysterious object in the sky over a busy road on a windy day in Australia. They managed to capture the enigmatic unidentified flying object on video.

The footage, which was taken in the city of Melbourne, was posted online and has gone viral, with many UFO seekers and alien enthusiasts insisting this is final proof that intelligent beings not from our planet have visited us.

However, we hear about ‘final proof’ at least once a week, then the claims are heard no more, and the public’s gaze is directed to the next mysterious object, which nine times out of ten is another example of ‘final proof’.

Weird UFO AutraliaThe UFO was seen while a mother and daughter were driving along a motorway in Melbourne, Australia. SecureTeam10 has asked other potential witnesses to contact them. (Image: YouTube)

A mother was driving with her daughter as passenger last Tuesday when they saw the diamond-shaped UFO up in the sky.

UFO did not look man-made

According to SecureTeam10, an organisation that claims to receive hundreds and hundreds of UFO sightings, sifts through them and posts the most interesting or seemingly authentic ones online, the mother and daughter said the mysterious objects ‘did not look like anything man-made’.

The video narrator, SecureTeam10’s Tyler Glockner, started off with the following comment:

“The next piece of video is going to blow your mind, and I’m at a loss for words as to what it is.”

The footage begins with the camera looking through the front windscreen of a car in what looks like a busy motorway.

Tyler explained:

“They saw this strange, triangular UFO – it also looks more like a rectangle, I don’t know, but it has a very odd shape. They said it did not look like anything man-made, it wasn’t a plane, obviously, it wasn’t a drone, kite or anything like that because they said it was extremely windy out.”

Windy day trees not swayingTyler explains that the witnesses said ‘it was windy out’. However, in the video, the trees do not move at all – not even a tiny little bit. That does not make sense. (Image: YouTube)

According to Tyler, a drone or kite would not hover motionless up in the air on a very windy day. However, I saw absolutely no sign of any wind at all when I looked at the tall trees next to the motorway – the trees did not sway, not even a little bit.

The UFO was described as moving at its own pace before disappearing behind some trees and a wall next to the motorway.

A diamond-shaped object is clearly visible on the video, up in the sky beyond the trees. Tyler is sure, after carefully examining to film, that it was not a smudge on the glass.

The mother said the UFO was making a ‘really loud sound – a very odd loud sound’.

At Market Business News, we suspect that SecureTeam10 consists of just one person – Tyler. I have seen many of their videos, and have only ever heard his voice on it.

Viewer responses

Comments ranged from expressions of ridicule, amazement to jokes and humour.

One person, who uses the name The LEGO Work Shop, wrote:

“Aliens are such attention whores…always flying around in hopes of getting on YouYube.”

Some people suggested that if the aliens really wanted fame on Earth, they should consider landing their craft, coming out and talking to us. Kat Holiday did not think this would be a good idea, and wrote:

“Hey! We all wanna keep away from ending up like the Kardashians!”

Like me, a viewer – Steven Mactavish – also wondered how the trees could be completely still on a very windy day. He wrote:

“Extremely windy -> trees standing still :D. The trees don’t even sway.”

Some viewers noticed that Tyler initially said he was ‘at a loss for words’, and then talked non-stop for 11 minutes.

Several people though it might be Uranus, twin weather balloons caught in an updraft, or a large cardboard box caught in the wind.

One viewer – Latrine67 – wrote:

“There are definitely two other smaller similarly weirdly coloured things that kinda pop briefly into view, it does look like it might be something blowing in the wind at least the smaller pieces while they’re visible looks like it’s getting blown around, but the other smaller things seem to appear and disappear out of nowhere.”

Video – Diamond UFO scares mother and daughter