What are THC Distillates and how to use Them?

THC distillates, one of the most easily recognizable extracts of cannabis, are popular for all the good reasons. With cannabis gradually shedding all the negative stigma surrounding it, gone are the days when cannabis extracts were only available in illegal grey markets.

Canada put the lid on a huge wave of cannabis mania by the legalization of recreational cannabis. This made the country the weed haven of the world.

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Of all the possible extract options, cannabis concentrates are the least known, especially the new additions like THC distillates. If you have never heard of THC distillates, this is a basic guide to understanding what THC is and how to use.

What is THC Distillate?

Unlike the other extracts of Cannabis like BHO (Butane hash oil), CO2 oils, THC distillates are cannibals oil concentrates that contain the highest percentage of THC. They are different from all the other concentrates or extracts because of a huge quantity of THC in an impurity free medium.

This is very beneficial for usage in edibles, vaporizers, tinctures or to dab in rings.  THC distillates have therefore garnered huge popularity among the cannabis enthusiasts.

How to Extract THC Distillates?

Distillates are usually solvent free and can be removed through a small loop system. THC distillates on the other hand are made by using a new technology termed as the ‘short path distillation’.

In this method, the cannabis compounds are distilled at low temperatures to extract each and every compound present in the cannabis plant.

Advantages of THC Distillates

  1. Purity: None of the cannabis extracts or concentrates can boast of very high purity levels like THC distillates. In fact, the purity of the product is a key concern for anybody who wants to vape or smoke THC. This is because inhaling carcinogens and other chemicals can greatly harm the respiratory system. Since distillates are solvent free, they offer the purest cannabis concentrates to inhale.
  2. THC Percentage: One of the major selling points of distillates in undeniably their THC content. It is true that cannabis distillates have the greatest percentage of THC content out of all the other options.
  3. Immediate effects: Usually the method of consumption decides how long it takes for THC distillates to work. Smoking or vaping distillates is known to provide instantaneous effects. You can also take the distillate orally under your tongue for a similar impact.
  4. Medical use: THC distillates are also beneficial for serving medical needs. One such commonly used product is the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

How to use THC Distillate?

The versatility of THC distillates is what sets them apart from other concentrates/extracts in the market. These concentrates are perfect for many popular ways of consumption like vaping, joints, dabbing, edibles and tinctures.

1. Vaping THC Distillates

THC distillates prove very effective for vaping with handheld vapes, refillable or disposable vapes. It provides instant highs and unique flavors if it also contains the terpenes.

2. Using Joints to Consume THC

If you wish to add THC Distillates to your joint, all you need to do is spread a little amount of the distillate on your rolling sheet. Then, fill it up with some ground, dried flower and roll. Apart from increasing the THC percentage of the joint, this distillate also adds flavor. Besides, it is known to improve the joint’s smoke and burn.

3. Distillate Tinctures

Usually found in the form of liquid drops that users consume orally under their tongue; tinctures are one of the easiest ways of maintaining dosage control. They are particularly of great use in the field of medicine. They are also quite useful if you want to keep your usage discreet.

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4. THC Distillate Edibles

Unlike distillate tinctures, edible consumption makes it a little difficult to administer the dosage and taste. That is why some do not appreciate the unique taste of cannabis mixing up with other edible foods. Due to this reason, distillates devoid of terpenes have been reintroduced into the market and are a popular choice among many enthusiasts.

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5. Using THC Distillate for Dabbing

Get started by firing up your dab ring to witness an incredible THC experience. Distillates along with shatter and waxes are undoubtedly the most popular dabbing products. The unique feature of this method is that there is zero wastage of product and the high meets your expectations.

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