What Does Commercial Office Cleaning Include?

Cleanliness is something that people can never compromise on. A hygienic space is essential whether someone is in their home, out at a restaurant to grab a bite to eat, or even in the office.

Speaking of the office, this is a place where cleanliness needs to be a top priority because a clean workspace has a number of benefits, such as increased productivity, which in turn has a positive impact on the business as well.

An office is a place where employees spend the majority of their day, which is why a clean workplace is essential not only for their mental well-being but it affects the atmosphere as well.

Many organizations understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, which is why facility maintenance in Washington DC has given birth to an entire industry.

However, there are many aspects of cleaning that a commercial service includes, especially for offices. Let us discuss this in a bit more detail, understand the benefits of office cleaning services, and also talk about what kind of services a commercial cleaning company offers for offices.

Benefits of Office Cleaning Services

1.    Increases Productivity

As discussed previously, a clean workplace plays a great role in the overall productivity of the employees, which directly impacts the performance of the business as well.

There are a number of different research studies which show that a hygienic atmosphere is a great catalyst in the achievement of the productivity of employees.

How works are that a clean workplace environment calms their nerves while employees are working, and cleanliness also provides them with maximum comfort as well.

In addition to that, an office that avails facility maintenance services is tidy, which encourages a feeling of positivity in regard to their surroundings, which directly impacts the workforce’s morale, enabling them to become more focused, resulting in a more efficient work process.

2.    Helps with Employee Retention

Employee retention is something that is essential for the survival and profit of any other company. When someone has been employed in a company, they are a blank slate at first, and it is while doing their job that they start to gain experience and gain proficiency in what they do.

Due to this, it is always a loss for the company if they are not able to retain their old employees, and cleaning services prevent that from happening.

Experienced employees who are at the top of their game tend to stay in the office for longer periods of time, and a clean office instills within them a sense of ease and comfort.

Working in an office such as this can induce a healthy environment throughout the premises, increasing the likelihood for them to stay and increasing your overall retention rate.

3.    Prevents The Spread of Disease

A high frequency of sick leaves is always a negative sign in a business because more sick leaves mean a greater amount of absences, which directly impacts productivity and output.

Due to this, hiring the services of a facility maintenance company is incredibly beneficial because a clean and sanitized workplace environment is significant to the betterment of the work atmosphere, and it can prevent a number of different diseases which may become prevalent within the dirty air particles.

What Tasks Does Facility Maintenance in Washington Include?

1.    Emptying All of the Bins in the Office

One of the main tasks of a credible commercial cleaner should be to clear out all of the bins of any trash that is present within the premises.

While the cleaner is performing this task, they should take a couple of things into consideration. The first thing they should take into account is that clearing out the trash is not only limited to trash cans.

There may be stray wrappers littered around the desks or on the ground, which they would need to keep a lookout for as well.

2.    Wiping Down All of the Desks and Surfaces In the Office

After they have cleared out the trash throughout the office, it is common practice when it comes to facility maintenance in Washington to wipe down all of the desks and other surfaces with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaners understand the importance of all of the objects and documents that have been kept on the desk, which is why they make sure not to move any of the stuff around and change the place they were initially assigned to.


This was simply a condensed guide that covered a couple of the tasks a commercial facility maintenance company may need to cover when taking on the task of cleaning an office.

A clean and tidy atmosphere has a great impact on the workplace environment and has a number of benefits, such as increased productivity, which are all the reasons why you should avail of the services of a commercial office cleaning company.

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