What is a quotation bid?

A quotation bid is a bidder’s proposal submitted to the customer in response to their request for quotations posted on the official website. A quotation bid can be submitted by a legal entity, an individual entrepreneur, or an individual. It is submitted by the participant once, no changes are provided.

A quotation application shall be submitted in writing or electronically. The customer who has received the application must send the participant a confirmation of receipt of the quotation application on the same day. When submitting the quote template, the participant has the right to request a receipt indicating the date and time of submission of the bid.

Quotation applications submitted later than the deadline shall not be accepted. If only one bid is submitted, the customer shall extend the deadline by four days and announce this on the official website.

If only one quotation is received after the extension, the customer shall enter into a contract with the bidder who submitted that quotation if, of course, the bid meets the requirements.

If no quotations were submitted, the Customer shall have the right to replace the request for quotations and to make changes, including changes in the terms and conditions of the contract.

The winner of the request for quotation shall be the participant who submitted the quotation with the lowest price of the contract. To participate in the quotation session it is recommended to download the application form from the official site, carefully fill in the application and submit it with the required documents pre-signed and sealed in an envelope.

What the quotation application contains

It must contain:

  • Full name of the organization or individual participant, its actual address (for legal entities), full name and address (for individuals), and the full bank details.
  • TIN of the participant of the order placement.
  • The name of the service, work to be performed or goods to be supplied, as well as their characteristics.
  • Consent to the execution of all conditions set out in the contract.
  • The price of the service, work, and goods, specifying all included (not included) costs (taxes, transportation, insurance, etc.).
  • Participants – small businesses must confirm that they meet the requirements (the size of the share capital, number of employees, income of the organization).

When a quotation application can be rejected

Quotation bids can be rejected:

  • If the price of the quotation bid is higher than that specified in the request for quotations.
  • If the quotation does not meet the requirements described in the request for quotations.
  • A quotation bid may not be rejected on any other grounds.
  • If several participants have submitted quotation bids with the same price, the participant who submitted the bid earlier shall be declared the winner.
  • The customer’s quotation committee shall be obliged to publish the minutes of consideration and evaluation of bids, which shall contain.
  • Full details of the customer of the request for quotations.

The main conditions of the contract.

  • Information of all participants of the request that submitted bids.
  • Rejected quotation bids with grounds.
  • The lowest price offered by the participant.
  • The winner of the request for quotations, as well as information about him.
  • Information about the participant who offered the price or conditions following the winner.


Quotation requests must be reviewed by the commission within one day after the end of the receipt of requests. After the decision is made, the customer shall pass the draft contract to the winner for signature and the signed protocol within two days. The contract may be signed no later than twenty days after the protocol with the determination of the winner is posted.

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