What is Amarone wine?

amarone wine
The wine region Valpolicella produces a delicious wine: the well-known Amarone wine. The Valpolicella is a beautiful wine region where excellent wines come from. The vineyards cover approximately 6,000 hectares, with Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grape varieties.

What is Amarone wine?

An Amarone wine is a special red and young wine with a fruity taste, where an older Amarone exchanges the fruity taste for a somewhat more bitter taste. The Amarone wine can be classified under the dry red wines. The Amarone wine with its dark garnet red color is a beautiful and complex wine. The older the Amarone wine, the spicier the taste. The Amarone can be recognized by its notes of leather, cherry, liquorice and chocolate. With its characteristic scent and minimum alcohol volume of 14%, it is a wine for the real enthusiast.

The birthplace and origin of the Amarone wine

The Amarone della Valpolicella wine region, where the Amarone grape grows, is located east of Lake Garda. There are approximately 2,400 wineries spread over the region, of which more than 1,200 are engaged in the production of Amarone wines.

The origin of the Amarone wine is a special story. An Italian winegrower forgot a complete barrel while producing another wine. This barrel continued to ferment, which resulted in the Amarone wine. The long drying process ensures that at least twice as many grapes as usual are needed. Also, only the oldest vines are used in selecting the most suitable bunches of grapes. This combination ensures that the wine has both a high alcohol percentage and a high sugar content.

The longer the wine ages, the more sugar is converted into alcohol. This time-consuming process requires a lot of attention from the winegrower. All in all, these aspects also ensure that you pay a hefty price for this wine. However, the wine is well worth it. In any case, it is a good reason to carefully store the Amarone in a specially designed wine fridge. In this way, you ensure that you pour the wine at the perfect temperature, so that the taste and aroma come into its own.

The taste of Amarone wine

The taste of the Amarone is an intensive and firm taste, with a soft mouthfeel. The Amarone wine tastes like a round wine, but never tastes sweet. In the fragrance you will find the intense scent of cherries and black fruits, with a light shade of plum. The full flavor becomes a bit fresher and spicier as the wine ages. In the taste you can taste aromas of licorice, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee and tobacco.

All in all, a delicious, highly concentrated wine with a velvety, dry and long aftertaste. To keep your wine as tasty as possible, you obviously don’t just put it in your kitchen cupboard. If you are a real connoisseur, choose a built-in wine cooler.

Riesling white wine

The most beautiful wines from Riesling are not only complex and captivating, there are few wines that last longer than the sweet wines from Riesling from Germany.

For a sweet Riesling wine such as an Auslese, (Trocken) beerenauslese or Eiswein, an age of 20 – 40 years is normal. These types of wines are made in very small quantities and (by the better producers) only in suitable years. The combination of sweet and sour in a sweet Riesling creates a perfect balance.