What is Strategic Talent Acquisition?

When you start your recruitment drive, you need to have strategic talent acquisition in place. This details the different routes and avenues that you’re going to use in order to attract and gain the attention of the candidate who’s most suited to your vacancy. 

To make your recruitment drive as accessible as possible to those who may be interested, you’ll need to take different approaches to this task, as not every method will appeal to all potential candidates.

#1 Online job sites and notice boards

The obvious choice to many is the online job sites and portals. There are loads of these available both for employers looking for new hires and employees looking for opportunities. This can be due to the fact that there are currently so few people worldwide who haven’t got access to the internet in one form or another, which is why someone looking for a new job would first start their search here.

Another way of opening up the online job forums and notice boards is to invest in some occy UK talent acquisition software which will provide you with access to numerous job boards as well as assist you in every step of your recruitment journey. This can save your employees time sorting through applications, drawing up shortlists of candidates, and inviting successful ones to interview. 

#2 Recruitment agencies

You should also utilize recruitment agencies when implementing your recruitment drive, and this is purely because they’ll actively try to reach out and fill your post with a candidate. However, you have to understand that this service won’t be free, and you’ll have to pay a finder’s fee at least for their services. If you decide that this is a strategy you want to take advantage of, it’s important that you’re supplied with a list of their costs and charges before initiating a deal.

#3 Social media

Using social media platforms is a great way to connect with possible interested parties. However, you have to make sure that you’re using the right one for the age group you want to connect with

You can post your vacancy as a written post or as a video, but whichever you choose to use, remember to put a link in it to your recruitment page on your website so applications can be made quickly and easily. This will result in capturing more applicants rather than trusting any interested parties to click away their favored social media platform and find your website through Google or other search engines.

#4 Business notice boards 

If you’re looking to promote from within your business or attract applicants with a connection to your current personnel, then opting to advertise your vacancy on the notice boards dotted around your business may also be an advantage. Again, you’ll probably want to point them in the direction of the recruitment page on your website.

#5 Career conventions

An area that’s often missed is local career conventions or fairs at universities, schools, or colleges. Of course, you’ll find, from time to time, that there are some organized events at other venues to attract those looking to change careers or take the next step up the career ladder. 

This will provide your business with the chance to put a face to your business and go out to meet those individuals who may be interested in joining your teams. Making sure that you have relevant literature about your business and instructions on how to apply (again, pointing to your website) will be paramount to your recruiting success.

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