What Makes a Brand ‘Eye-Catching’?

The average American is reportedly exposed to between 5,000 to 10,000 advertisements daily. As your brand will be forced to compete with many companies, you might be wondering how you can be remembered in a competitive crowd.


If you want to turn your company into an industry leader, you must aim to develop an attractive, engaging image. Continue reading to find out what makes a brand eye-catching.

A Professional Design

If you and your team have next to no graphic design experience, hand over the branding process to the experts. A poor-quality logo will make people take notice of your company for all the wrong reasons, which could lead to a loss of custom. Instead, you must discuss your company’s values, mission, story, history, and desired image with the branding experts.

As a result, they can create a logo, product branding, or even business merchandise that will help your business to grab your target audience’s attention and convince them to learn more about your products or services. For example, Anthem Branding can develop a compelling brand identity and create quality business merchandise, such as custom hats, clothing, and accessories.

Your branding should tell a story through its visuals. If it doesn’t, you might lose a customer to a competitor that has taken the time to refine their image.

Attractive Fonts and Colors

Unattractive fonts and colors could cause your demographic to look away from your marketing campaigns. Conversely, an attractive font and color palette could encourage people to engage with your ad and find out more about your business.

You also can evoke a specific emotion in your potential customers by using specific colors. For instance, yellow can convey humor or logic, while orange can create feelings of optimism or creativity. Opt for a custom packaging supplier to have full control of the fonts and colors, and create a design that perfectly aligns with your brand image, core values, and goals. Learn more about the psychology of colors to make the correct choice for your brand, products, and marketing campaigns.

A Consistent Identity

While each marketing campaign you produce should have a unique concept, the color scheme, layout, and tone should have the same look and feel. Consistency is crucial when developing both outdoor and print advertisements, as you want an ad to be so familiar to your customers that they will know it is yours before they spot your logo. Identify the key qualities to continually use in your branding, such as the same colors and typography.

Immediately Grab Attention

Tapping into your audience’s wants and needs could encourage prospective customers to engage with your brand. Before you develop a marketing campaign, think about your demographic’s problems and aim to offer a solution. If you can grab their attention immediately with your print or digital ad, it could lead to a larger customer base and greater sales.

You also might need to step into their shoes to think about the types of videos they would like to watch and the images that would secure their attention. If you’re unsure, you could learn more about your customers by hosting focal groups or requesting they fill a survey.

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