What To Know Before Subscribing To Monument Traders Alliance

Monument Traders Alliance, an options trading community founded by industry veterans Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla, is part of the Agora Companies. They are dedicated to providing trade recommendations, education, tools, training, reports, alerts, and actionable advice to assist in making money through options trading

My review aims to clarify what to know before subscribing to Monument Traders Alliance. We will dive into the specifics of their renowned War Room, understand the dynamics of their other services, and introduce you to the experts behind this platform. 

This comprehensive Monument Traders Alliance review will balance both the positive and negative aspects associated with the advisory, helping you make an informed decision about their services.

What To Know Before Subscribing To Monument Traders Alliance

We will get into all of the details you need to know before making the decision to subscribe to Monument Traders Alliance, but first, let me establish exactly what Monument Traders Alliance is. 

What is Monument Traders Alliance?

Monument Traders Alliance, founded by Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla, stands out in the world of options trading. Central to its service is The War Room, where members receive trade recommendations from Bottarelli and Rahemtulla. These suggestions are not just theoretical; they mirror the actual trades of the Alliance’s experts. The platform also boasts a members’ chat room and training materials, fostering a community of learning and strategy sharing.

Bryan Bottarelli’s expertise stems from his time at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and subsequent success with Bottarelli Research. Karim Rahemtulla brings a global perspective to trading, with a background in LEAPS trading and as a strategist and writer for notable financial publications. Their combined experience and insights make Monument Traders Alliance a unique hub for both novice and experienced options traders.

What Monument Traders Alliance Offers

The main service you must know of before subscribing to Monument Traders Alliance is The War Room. Here is a bit about The War Room and some of their other offerings:

  • The War Room: This flagship program is an interactive platform where traders receive real-time trade recommendations and updates. Led by Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla, it emphasizes community and collaboration, allowing members to share strategies and insights.
  • Insider Matrix: This service offers comprehensive trade recommendations, access to a chat room, weekly recaps, video lessons, and specialized resources like the “Insider Matrix Cheat Sheet”.
  • Million Dollar Challenge: Guided by Nate Bear, this program focuses on live trading sessions, teaching subscribers advanced trading strategies to enhance their trading proficiency from any level.
  • Trade of the Day: A free daily newsletter that provides market updates, analyses of top-moving stocks, and expert trading strategies to keep traders informed and ahead.
  • Trade of the Day Plus: A weekly trading program that delivers curated trade recommendations along with detailed buy and sell instructions. It also includes educational resources, such as video explanations and a library of research on successful trading strategies.
    • Bonus Reports for Trade of the Day Plus Members: Includes in-depth reports like “The Last Great Value Stock”, “My Favorite Small Cap Play for 2022”, and “IPO Buying Guide 2022”, offering detailed analysis and insights into specific investment opportunities.
  • ProfitSight: A trading tool that scans for potential profit opportunities and sends automatic alerts, helping traders capitalize on market movements.

Monument Traders Alliance Pricing

Pricing to Monument Traders Alliance depends on which service you decide to sign up for. Here is a rundown of the costs of each offering:

  • The War Room: Priced at $2,500 for a one-year membership, with a bundled rate of $3,500 for a two-year package. This service includes real-time trade advice and a community platform for strategy sharing.
  • Insider Matrix: Available for an annual fee of $5,000, which rebills automatically. This package includes trade recommendations, chat room access, and additional educational resources.
  • Trade of the Day Plus: Offered at an annual cost of $79, providing weekly trade recommendations, detailed instructions, and access to a library of trading resources.
  • ProfitSight: Subscription tiers range from $3,000 to $5,000 per year, varying based on the level of service and features included.

Monument Traders Alliance Drawbacks

Like everything else, you should know about the drawbacks before subscribing to Monument Traders Alliance. Here are the negatives I think potential subscribers should be aware of:

  • Active Participation Required: Unlike automated trading systems, Monument Traders Alliance requires members to be actively involved. It’s not a passive service; members need to engage with the community and make informed trading decisions based on the insights and recommendations provided.
  • Time and Effort Investment: To gain the full benefits of the service, members must dedicate time to learning and applying the strategies taught. Utilizing the resources provided demands a commitment to ongoing education and application.
  • Constant Upsells: Members have reported frequent upsells, particularly to join the War Room, which can be off-putting for those who prefer a more straightforward subscription model without constant sales pitches.

Final Thoughts

In summarizing my review of Monument Traders Alliance, it’s clear to me that this platform offers a robust set of tools and services for traders, particularly those interested in options trading. The War Room and other services provide valuable trade recommendations, community interaction, and educational resources. 

For those contemplating this trading community, understanding what to know before subscribing to Monument Traders Alliance is crucial. It’s not just about the potential gains but also about being prepared for the demands and nuances of the service. If Monument Traders Alliance aligns with your trading goals and style, Click Here to get started.