When Should You See an Eye Doctor?

Looking after your health should be a top priority, which is why making sure you get regular check-ups with your doctor and dentist is important. While these professionals can help you with your physical and dental health, you should also be making the effort to see an eye doctor in order to maintain good vision and eye health.

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You might not think about seeing an eye doctor as much as you would other medical professionals, but here are some tips on when is the right time to make an appointment with an eye professional.

For a General Check-Up

It’s recommended that those between the ages of 20 and 30 should see an eye doctor every 5 to 10 years, and as you get older those visits should become slightly more frequent. Even if you don’t notice any problems, getting an eye test is a good way to make sure everything is fine and to catch any issues early if there is a reason to be concerned.

If You Wear Glasses Already

If you’re an individual who already wears glasses or contact lenses, you might be aware that you should visit your eye doctor more frequently than others. This is to make sure that your glasses or contacts are still working for your eyes and to make any adjustments that might be required. You might find that you’re interested in swapping glasses for contact lenses but want some advice from your eye doctor before you make the switch.

It’s quite common that people have concerns about using contact lenses for the first time, and a popular worry for a lot of people is “can a contact lens go behind your eye.” The answer is no, it can’t, but you can find out more from your eye doctor.

If You Have a Family History of Eye Problems

Having a relative with problems with their eyes doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have issues too. However, like any health concern, if there is a family history there is a chance that you might be more susceptible to the same problems, which is why you should make more of an effort to get your eyes checked out by a doctor and perhaps have check-ups more regularly than others.

If You’re Experiencing Frequent Headaches

Headaches can be caused by numerous issues, but if you have noticed you’re getting headaches more regularly than usual, this could be due to strained eyes. Before you go to your usual doctor, book in for an eye test to rule out whether you need glasses, as this is the most common cause of frequent headaches, particularly if the pain is focused behind or around your eyes.

If You Have Blurred Vision

If you have noticed that your vision is increasingly blurred or out of focus then it’s highly likely you will need to start wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct it. Your eye doctor will be able to give you a specific diagnosis and a prescription for the right kind of lenses to help.

Don’t ignore the warning signs of poor eye health; make sure you get your eyes checked as often as you can to keep your vision clear.