Which Crypto Currency Should You Invest In?

We’re coming to you live from our brand new, 2022 SuperYacht. We just purchased this puppy, and we’re going to give you the necessary intel to do the same…Just kidding.

But wouldn’t it be nice if investing in crypto were that easy? Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball which always makes writing articles like this challenging.

We want to give you the best information possible to help you on your investing journey, but you shouldn’t take anything we say as investment advice or investment gospel. That being said, here are 5 coins to watch and research yourself in 2022.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is what most consider to be the oldest, most-established cryptocurrency available in today’s market. With a market cap of $846 billion, and a blockchain ledger consisting of complex computer puzzles to keep it safe, investors view Bitcoin as one of the more stable cryptocurrencies – for what it’s worth.

Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, can be notorious for their price fluctuation. To prove our point, take a look at the Bitcoin price over the past 6 years.

In 2016, investors could purchase 1 Bitcoin for 500 USD. Today, that same token is worth over 44,000 USD. That gives Bitcoin a growth rate of 7800% in just six years.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum makes the list because it’s not only the #2 cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin, but it’s also more than just a cryptocurrency. Although Bitcoin exists on a blockchain ledger, Ethereum was the first token to gain notoriety for both its token and blockchain ledger.

Investors saw the true potential of Ethereum in 2021, with the advent of the NFT movements and smart contracts. With a market cap of $361 billion, it doesn’t look like Ethereum is going anywhere for a long time.


XRP brings a unique payment-processing element to the crypto economy. The goal of their network is to make it easy for users to pay in a wide variety of crypto tokens and even use fiat currency. The need for a unified payment-processing technology like XRP is becoming apparent, which is why XRP saw a 12,600% spike in value from 2017 to 2022.

Cardano (ADA)

What separates Cardano from other cryptocurrencies is its proof-of-stake validation. Before this coin, tokens like Bitcoin derived their value from a certain amount of work that went into solving intricate computer puzzles.

Cardano functions without the need for computers to compete in solving these complex puzzles. The result is faster transaction times and less resource consumption, ultimately benefiting the environment. The Cardano blockchain can also host smart contracts and decentralized finance applications.

Solana (SOL)

Solana piggybacks on Cardano’s proof-of-stake concept and introduces a proof-of-history component as well. This gives transactions on the Solana blockchain a definitive timeframe which helps ensure safe and secure transactions for Solana users.

Active investors in the crypto space saw Solana’s potential to improve smart contracts and decentralized finance and apps, which is why the token saw a 13,000% increase in value in just two years. You can keep up with the fluctuations of Solana and other coins through the FTX crypto platform.

Choosing the Right Coin For You

We hope looking at these projects gives you a good starting point for your research into a crypto investment option. As always, conduct deeper research until you get a good understanding of what you’re investing in. Happy investing, and here’s to making 2022 your best year yet!

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