Which is better for creating your online store, Shopify or Wix?

It can take time to select the best platform for your online store. Before you even make your first sale, it is simple to feel overwhelmed by the long lists of features, slick marketing strategies, and reviews to take into account.

Is clothes a more lucrative sector than accessories? Which platform, Shopify or Wix is superior to the other? The best ecommerce platform to use is still the most important decision.

The platform such as Wix and Shopify are well-liked e-commerce website builders. Although these platforms have the same features, Shopify fits for larger businesses and Wix is for creating smaller business websites. 

Hire Shopify developers is a sensible suggestion if you need help setting up a large online business. Since business owners are hiring Shopify developers to create Shopify stores, they are gaining an advantage over web developers.

What is Wix?

A well-known website builder, Wix, can create eCommerce stores and websites. It has been improving the capabilities of its online store and eCommerce over time. For little internet shops, Wix is the best option. 

The platform is very exceptional when it comes to website design. Its simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor and extensive design options enable complete visual customization.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is ideal for making large-scale online goods sales. It provides support for sales in physical stores, out-of-the-box reporting, and sales tools. Although Shopify may not offer as much design customization as Wix, it gives you access to attractive websites for online stores. 

If you are looking for experienced Shopify developers for hire, consider hiring Shopify developers with expertise and skills in creating excellent eCommerce websites.

Shopify Vs. Wix

Themes and flexibility

Wix offers 60 free e-commerce templates which are sleek and contemporary as Shopify. Templates of Wix aren’t responsive, so you may need to manually rearrange pieces to make them appear a certain way on smartphones. Additionally, even while Wix normally offers a ton of versatility when building websites, Shopify offers more comprehensive in-depth customization using code such as HTML or CSS.

With its 60+ themes, Shopify makes things simple when building your online bookstore. Hire a Shopify app developer, as they can create an application that appears fantastic on computers and mobile devices. The live editor in Shopify offers top-notch outcomes to the user. 

Plugins and integrations

You will eventually want to interface your online store with other apps and services to expand it. Wix offers you hundreds of alternatives to satisfy your business demands despite having fewer integrations. This platform fits for creating small business websites.

Shopify allows you to do everything, from permitting user evaluations on your products to translating your store into multiple languages. Shopify offers connectors with an incredible 8,000+ apps. Shopify is a superior option because of its enormous selection of plugins for established ecommerce companies wishing to expand.


Wix comes with relatively simple delivery options. Input shipping costs based on the product, weight, or price after selecting a region. You can also decide whether to provide flat-rate shipping or free shipment. Additionally, you can let local clients choose between local pickup and local delivery choices.

Shopify provides all shipping options that Wix does, including free shipping, flat rates, local pickup and delivery, location-based shipping, weight-based shipping, and product price-based shipping. Additionally, Shopify offers the choice to allow third-party determined rates at checkout. You can permit Shopify to automatically add shipping rates based on FedEx, USPS, UPS, and Canada Post costs. Shopify has agreements with all of these carriers to provide you, a Shopify customer, with savings on shipping costs.

Customer support

The Wix Help Center has a sizable knowledge base for locating solutions to frequently asked queries and dealing with typical technical problems. For all users of its paid plans, Wix provides call-back and email assistance. Support is offered in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Shopify provides real-time, round-the-clock assistance via email, chat, and phone. Additionally, Shopify grants you access to a comprehensive online support center with tutorials, FAQs, and guides. You can also seek assistance from Shopify’s online community, which has nearly 900,000 users. Shopify provides the greatest customer care when compared to Wix.

App store

Wix and Shopify offer app stores with a wide selection of free and paid applications to enable eCommerce worldwide. With over 200 apps and add-ons, including 6 major categories, Wix lags behind a little. These include marketing, internet sales, events and services, media and content, design components, and communication. There are several cost-free Wix Apps available. The paid ones are also rather inexpensive.

The Shopify App Store allows you to expand the scope of your store due to its variety of functions. Merchants can find practically everything for online selling, including apps for no-code file uploading and those for sending personalized push alerts, in the 8000+ apps total. To help users more easily find the applications that are best for them among the many possibilities available, Shopify divides these applications into 12 categories and 9 collections.


Although Wix has built-in SEO capabilities and enables you to change the meta descriptions, alt text, and URL slugs, Shopify provides more specific ecommerce SEO tools. With a strong SEO foundation to compete in organic search, all Wix sites are supported by a reliable infrastructure that satisfies search engine requirements.

Codebase of Shopify is clean and well-structured, which makes it simpler for search engines to crawl and index your website. Hire Shopify developers who use various tools and features that can help your store’s SEO, like automatic sitemaps and the flexibility to alter page titles and Meta descriptions. The fully responsive nature of Shopify sites can help you rank higher on Google.

Bottom line 

You can create successful online stores using the Shopify platform by reading Guide on Shopify eCommerce Development Stores. Building a successful online store demands ongoing development assistance to make it easier and more competitive than ever. This is in addition to the business’s extraordinary aesthetic and simplicity of navigation. 

What you want to accomplish with your website will determine which platform, Wix or Shopify, fits you best. While Wix is better suitable for owners and general-use scenarios, Shopify is the finest option for large web stores.

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