Why Are Custom Floating Keychains Perfect Promotional Products for Any Business?

Businesses have always been using promotional products as a cost-effective marketing strategy. From small businesses to large organizations, these giveaways are a favorite. To prove that, below are some interesting facts about the use of such products:

  • 80% of consumers have at least one promotional item
  • 60% of consumers keep the products for up to 2 years
  • 89% of consumers can still remember the advertiser even after two years

These stats emphasize the importance of promotional products for brand recognition and marketing. But why are they crucial to any business? And what makes custom floating keychains the perfect choice?

Why do businesses need promotional products like custom floating keychains?

Marketers use promotional products that recipients can use for months. As a rule, they only give away items that are of daily use. But to make an impact, they pick the ones that are not just useful but are also unique. A few examples of these include bags, umbrellas, custom standees, custom keychains, and more. Such products help in keeping clients engaged with the brand. It only shows that even a one-time distribution of these items is enough to engage clients with your brand.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition is when the clients can identify your business and your products and services whenever they see your logo. Take McDonald’s, for example – people can immediately tell by seeing its logo.

Your promotional products help consumers remember your company, so you should distribute them. By doing so, 89% of the consumers will remember you for up to 24 months. The products will remain in their homes for a long time, which will remind them of your company. The next time they see your company logo, they will immediately recall your product and your business. They will remember you even more if the product is unique.

Low-cost but effective marketing strategy

Many small businesses can only wish to have an overwhelming ad campaign that spreads across different channels. They can, however, achieve their marketing goals by using low-cost promotional product campaigns. Manufacturers often keep the prices low for mass distribution. They may be cheap, but the recipients can feel the impact.

One of the most common products that businesses use is personalized coffee mugs. Because of their usefulness, 57% of people who received them can remember the advertiser. Products like these can deliver great value for your investment.

Promotional products work as your business cards

Organizations use business cards to introduce their company and its services to potential consumers. Promotional products like custom floating keychains can work in the same way and yield better results. Whenever you distribute your items, you’re introducing your business to potential clients. At least 71.6% of the recipients will remember the name of your company.

Promotional products contain your contact information, just like business cards. They also have your business logo and a slogan that depicts your business message. Ultimately, these work as business cards that are useful to clients. They also work as a part of your social media technique. Printing your QR codes on a promotional bottle is one example. You may also print hashtags on custom floating keychains and other promotional items.

Consumer loyalty

Through promotional items, your customers will end up buying your products frequently. Marketers spend resources in building a solid base of customers. Using promotional items like custom floating keychains can help drive consumer loyalty in a short period. In doing so, you should make sure that they are of high quality. They will lose respect if the product breaks after being used once. After all, people tend to associate the quality of the products with your quality of business.

Why are custom floating keychains the perfect promotional products?

There are three main reasons why you should go for floating keychains to promote your business. These are:

Countless of choices

You can find custom floating keychains in different designs and shapes. You can also choose from plastic-coated, vinyl-coated, and foam, depending on what image you want your company to portray.

You can put your message on the keychains if you want. If you want consumers to know more about your business, you can include a list of your services. You may also just put your company name and your contact information. Less is more can work, too – by just including your business logo. Any of these options will do, as long as they encourage people to contact you.

The good thing about floating keychains is that people can use them as stress relievers. Just the simple fact that you can design them according to your specification makes them remarkably unique.

Cost-effective strategy

Custom floating keychains are a form of advertising. Lucky for you, you can buy them at an affordable price, resonating with so many people. They are cost-effective solutions for marketing and advertising. And since they are small, they are easy to transport and distribute.

The best way to purchase them is in bulk, meaning buying a bunch of keychains at once. It helps you reduce the costs while increasing the number of potential consumers you can reach.

Appealing to many people

You could probably only think of boat owners whenever you hear about custom floating keychains. You’ll be surprised to know how they can appeal to a lot of people. Some people love how convenient they are and how they help locate specific keys.

This appeal level only shows that your company details – your name and contact information – will be visible all the time. For instance, if one recipient on the boat experiences a problem, they will see your contact number first. It will be in their hand as they carry their boat keys with them. And even if they are at home, they will still have their boat keys with them. They can still find your contact details. The keychains will inadvertently advertise your services every day.

Using custom floating keychains provides your business a much better exposure, unlike other forms of marketing. And you don’t have to pay the same amount of money. Custom floating keychains can save you a fortune.

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