Why Blogging Has Become So Popular?

Despite the overwhelming number of ways to express ourselves, blogging becomes more and more popular over the years. Billions of blogs already exist on the Internet, and there are more to come. But why does blogging stay so popular nowadays? What makes it different from the other types of media and other entertainments available on the Internet?

A blog is a great informal media

The media was used to always functioned as a one-way road. Newspapers served as the source of information, as did the TV, but one could rarely give feedback or start a discussion with a newspaper journalist or a TV show.

A blog provides communication with real people with the possibility to get real feedback, discuss the topic, or just network with others who are interested in the same topic. Even the blogs that don’t have the comments section usually provide an email to communicate with the author or authors and receive answers more privately.

This is a great place for marketing opportunities. You can use your blog to make money by collaborating with different brands. Firstly, you should get your audience. There are a lot of services like SubPals to help you to get your first followers. The first thousand are the hardest. And then you can combine your useful informational content with advertising. Remember: good content is the key.

A blog is a meeting place

While formal dinners are closed occasions for elites only, the Internet is equally open for anyone. You can meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elon Musk, or Her Majesty the Queen on the Internet almost as freely as your neighbor.

Blogs are great spots for meeting important people, befriending them, presenting your ideas to them, etc. They are also a great place to hang out and gather a team of your soul siblings to make your dream project together. Blogs are more like a collective activity than a media, so the fun part is that you can get a bunch of new friends there. And, maybe some of them will be very important people.

A blog is an easy way to express your opinion

It’s not easy to get a job in the media. Moreover, the journalists are tied by the media policies, journalists’ ethics, and the marketing strategy of their publishers. You can’t simply write about whatever you want whenever you want.

Blogs give people much more free space to choose their way. They can write awesome articles once a month or create some sketches every week. They can go on vacation, not being obliged to write thousands of characters daily. They can return and create a great post about everything and the sense of life. And still, they can gather audiences comparable to the average media ones!

A blog is a place of collective research

There is always something who knows better (we mean, in a good way!) Your blog is a chance to polish your ideas to perfection. Answering critical comments may be tough, but if you have enough benevolent critics amongst your fans, you may take their objections and use them to make what you were writing about better.

It’s like an alpha testing of your idea with detailed feedback from the testers. You may get a great piece of advice or even a genuine offer to help you make it done. Not only the people who comment can benefit from each other, but you can, too!

Blogging Can Earn You Money

Believe it or not, some of the big blog websites can make annual revenue streams in the hundreds of thousands, and for good reason. The more traffic you can attract to your site through interesting content, the more people will pay to have their ads or content on your website.

When starting a blog it can be difficult in the beginning and you will probably find that people will not pay very much to have their content on your site. However some of the best blogs out there had humble beginnings, so be patient and keep building up your online presence and people will come. Of course, you could speak to a blogger outreach service who can handle this kind of work for you.

Blogs are interactive diaries

Your blog is a diary that you can access from anywhere. You may upload any content in there, and it will stay there years after, no matter how many times you have moved, how many laptops changed, and how many notepads lost. You may write it for yourself only, keeping all the posts private, not thinking about the media popularity.

This is another great way to use blogs. Keep your diary to yourself, build a small community, or do whatever you want with your content – your blog ensures its safety until you delete it.

There are lots of other reasons to start a blog, read one, or to use a blog as a tool for marketing. They guarantee that blogs will probably stay popular forever, even when we have augmented or virtual reality, lots of video content, and other stuff to entertain us all the time. The culture of writing down thoughts and sharing them with others is thousands of years old, so it won’t give up easily at least a hundred years more.

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