Why Cloud Computing Is Necessary for Small Businesses

Both small and medium businesses are really important for the prosperity of any country’s economy. They not only provide job opportunities but also serve as an engine for innovation and growth. There can be different criteria one can use to define a business as small, medium, and large. It can include various factors such as the number of employees, capital, the scale of operations, and the revenue it generates. One thing is for certain though and that is a small business would have to make the most out of its scarce resources to get to the top.

Cloud Solution Is Important for Businesses

There is no denying that cloud solutions give a lot of value to an organization. There are two main types of cloud infrastructure. The first is ‘On-Premise.’  In this deployment type, both data and hardware are stored at an exclusive data center which is situated within the office premise. This entity is responsible for maintaining and procuring the hardware which relates to the solution. The second is ‘Outsourced.’ In this case, the data and hardware would be stored in the shared data space which would be given to you by your cloud service provider.

5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is Necessary for Small Businesses

Cloud computing is a groundbreaking technology that could help small as well as medium businesses easily. If you want to know why it is necessary for SMBs then read on!

#1. Flexible Access

Once the user is registered to the cloud network then a person can access it using different device options such as a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Plus, the individual could enter the cloud from any location he/she desires. This flexibility can boost the productivity and the motivation level of an employee. With the help of cloud solutions, small businesses would be able to recruit remote workers who would be willing to work at a much lesser wage as compared to regular employees.

#2. Improved Security

When using a cloud solution, you would not need to worry about the security of your data. This is because all the data would be maintained in a centralized location which would make it difficult for the hackers to access it. Another major advantage is that if a device that you used to access the cloud network would remain safe from unauthorized use. The only security precaution here would be that the employee will have to change the password immediately which was used to connect to the cloud network.

#3. Scalability

Usually, when a small business is hiring more employees, it would have to invest in IT hardware to make sure that the new resources have everything they need to do the job. If the business is downsizing, then the capital spent on investing in hardware would prove to be fruitless. On the contrary, it is much cost-effective to scale up or down over a cloud solution. If an organization wants to scale up then it would simply add a user to the network. Similarly, when an employee quits the job then the individual would be deleted from the network after the data has been secured. If in case the cloud solution is outsourced to a CSP then you would be charged a small fee whenever you plan to scale up or down.

#4. Efficiency

Whether outsourced or in-house, the servers that are used to store your data would usually have superior performance. Also, you should know that the different productivity-related software and applications operate on the cloud network. This means that the overall efficiency would remain unchanged even if the devices become obsolete.

#5. Ease of Collaboration

When the data is stored on the cloud network then this could help greatly in collaboration. How? Well, each employee can take on a task right from where the previous employee left it. This will not hamper the efficiency of the workers and they would stay focused on the project. It is really helpful for small organizations with a limited number of employees.


Cloud computing enables small businesses to operate smoothly and these above-mentioned benefits prove it. Also, since you can access a cloud network from any device, it is recommended to subscribe to a decent provider which could give you connectivity at all times. I, after checking the Spectrum mobile plans, subscribed to their service just because of how reliable they are when it comes to keeping you connected. You should too consider taking this step to make sure you don’t face any hassles when accessing the cloud solution.

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