Why Tech Support Is Crucial To The Overall User Experience?

The importance of IT support services in product-based businesses can not be overlooked. It offers the convenience and agility that people nowadays seek in their daily lives. For example, the invention of mobile phones has been revolutionary in making our day-to-day lives more convinient. Today we can shop, communicate, book tickets, execute certain tasks, get entertained, and do so much more with the help of it.

As our lives are entirely dependent on our phones, we can not even imagine a day without it. You can only imagine what would happen if it suddenly stopped working due to any technical issue. Mishaps like these are common but they can also get in a way of you using your device properly. Assuming not everyone is aware of the technical aspects of a mobile phone, you will certainly need some technical support to get back to using your device perfectly.

That’s when the importance of tech support shines. You can surely get some help from the internet such as via FAQs, online forums, knowledge bases, social media posts, etc. and while they may be helpful in solving some minor issues, nothing beats the convenience of tech support whenever it comes to resolving big concerns.

With the help of Managed IT services provided by Technical Action Group, businesses can deliver top-level assistance to their customers whenever they face any issue with using the products. The absence of proper support can discourage people from using your product and they might start looking for another brand while making their next purchase. The inability to provide proper tech support to the customers could prove to be very costly for you as you will not only be losing customers right and left but it will also paint a negative image of your business in the market.


Improving User Experience With Tech Support

Tech support proves to be crucial in creating a greater user experience. A recent study on the topic also strongly suggests the same. A survey was conducted on 13,000 customers which revealed the following findings.

  • 6 in 10 customers reported experiencing technical issues with their devices at least once in the past six months. Of those customers, only 16% reported having a perfect solution to their problem.
  • 75% of consumers preferred to report their issues via online methods or their mobile phones
  • 93% of consumers who were satisfied with the tech-supported said that they felt valued and trusted by the business
  • Only 7% of customers reported their satisfaction because of compensation and restitution.

The study clearly suggests that customer-centric processes are more effective when compared to monetary compensation.

What Makes Tech Support Effective

Effective tech support goes beyond the process of problem resolution. People want to be heard and treated with respect. By using the right approach you can deal with every issue efficiently while providing a memorable experience.

Here are some of the important  elements of providing an effective tech support:

Empathy and Patience

Empathy and Patience both play a role in offering effective tech support. After being frustrated by their experience with the device, customers tend to be annoyed with the support staff. While that may not be fair but you can effectively get the situation in control and get the customers to calm down by handling the situation with empathy and patience.

Ease and Efficiency

Convenience matters a lot when it comes to resolving tech issues. Every customer is looking for an easy solution to their problems with a quicker fix. They are willing to make a minimal effort and avoid confusion. By training your support staff to offer efficiency with their communication, you can resolve the issues better.

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