10 Kinds Of Businesses That Can Benefit From Text Reminders For Appointments

If you are weighing the pros and cons of text reminders, then you can rest assured that the initial adjustment period and the first-time costs are going to be well worth the uptick in consistent business that you gain from this simple reminder. Instead of cold calling customers, sending lengthy emails, or leaving voicemails – all of which may not be received in time – you can use easy text reminders of appointments to nearly guarantee that the customers will see your message and you will avoid the dreaded no-shows that can occur.

But what businesses will benefit from text reminders? Should you send text reminders or will this simply take up your time, resources, and energy? Let’s see a few types of businesses and industry sectors that will greatly benefit from text reminders for appointments:

  • Medical practices – If you are in a healthcare setting, lab, doctor’s office, or clinic, you’ll find that using text reminders for appointments will keep people coming back consistently for their monthly or yearly doctor’s visits.
  • Hair salons – Have you ever just totally blanked and forgotten that you had a hair appointment for a cut and color yesterday at 5pm? Avoid having your hair salon workers waste their precious time on no-shows.
  • Fitness instructors – The worst thing that can happen to a personal trainer is when someone does not show up. In this case, you have already set up the workout, budgeted your time, and arrived at the gym plenty early. Use text reminders for appointments to avoid any snow-shows.
  • Realtors – If you are showing a house to someone, setting up text reminders for appointments is the best way to ensure adherence to the schedule.
  • Cleaning services – As a cleaner, the last thing you want is to show up to a person’s house and then have them not be home or not be ready for you to clean. Use text reminders for patients to avoid wasting time and energy!
  • Mechanics – fix your client’s car and avoid missed appointments by using text reminders.
  • Legal practices – as a lawyer, your time is money – avoid missed appointments by using text reminders.
  • Dog walkers – As a dog walker with numerous clients located all over town, you are going to have a packed schedule. Prevent no-shows from ruining your busy day by using text reminders for appointments.
  • Accountants – Being an accountant is a tough job that takes a lot of time, energy, and organization. Make sure you use text reminders for appointments to avoid missed meetings.
  • Restaurants – Use text reminders to ensure that patrons remember their dinner reservation or business lunch meeting!


Unsure if text reminders for appointments are worth it? If you are a restaurant, mechanic, dog walker, and much more, you will benefit from having this helpful reminder service! Not only will text reminders remind your clients of upcoming appointments, but you can save your manpower and resources from constantly emailing, calling, and sending messages to your clientele base. By using automatic reminders for your business, you can avoid wasted time and energy – while building a better relationship with your customers.

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