3 best Facebook ad marketing funnels for rapid business growth in 2022

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Everybody and their mom know that in order to grow fast you need to run ads, but there are so many people that run ads and not many of them do well enough to break even! Yes, you read that right! People spend their money to get customers and they don’t even reach the break-even point. This is because most people don’t realise that running ads is just the first step! In order to really succeed with tax that is to break even and make 2X to 3X the amount that you pay for the ads, you need to create panels that turn the leads generated from your ads into sales and hard cash.

Because revenue is the name of the game! Here are three Facebook ad funnels to help you boost the overall conversion and revenue from your Facebook ads.

Funnel 1:
FB Ads > Instant engagement on WhatsApp > Closure

As soon as you acquire leads from Facebook, you simply need to engage with them over WhatsApp.
WhatsApp than any other platform because:
1. It has more users than Instagram and LinkedIn combined.
2. As compared to any other platform, WhatsApp offers the highest open rate of around 98%. And the engagement rate is mind-boggling.

It works best for the Hospitality, Insurance, Real- Estate and Ed-tech industries.
It even goes well in digital marketing and several spheres of online courses.

The best part is, your ROI in this case is the customer and not just the conversion.

Funnel 2:
FB Ads > CRM > Telecalling > Sales

The first step is to capture your leads from Facebook in real-time and feed them into the CRM.

Now that you have all your leads at one particular place, which ultimately reduces the hassle of managing them and also eliminates any chances of leaking out any leads.

Also, when leads are generated through Facebook ads, it means you have a bigger ticket size, which means people have doubts and addressing those doubts take time and one to one interaction becomes necessary.

Now before clients buy from you, they’ll have multiple doubts which need to be cleared before they trust you, your products or your services.
Solving those and winning the deal, will require multiple follow-ups so it’s better to have a CRM that allows you to set call reminders and regularly follow up with the customers.

Funnel 3:
FB Ads > Email Campaign > Ecommerce

This holds especially true if you are dealing in big-ticket e-commerce

If you are going to ask the customer for a relatively bigger amount of money then you need to build trust first.

And a well-designed sequential email campaign is a good way to do that. Not only this, Email marketing still promises to deliver the highest ROI of all the marketing channels.

It helps you sure that you are not some fraud on snake oil salesman, instead, you genuinely want to help the prospect solve his problem. It helps you establish your authority and shows that you can actually solve his problem or better yet that you are the best person to solve this problem.

Now the question is how do you measure the success of your email campaigns?

In order to know the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns, You will have to define the parameters.
According to Forbes, the most common measurement of small businesses are open rates and click-through rates.

  1. 65% of small businesses’ average open rates lie between 11% and 50%.
  2. 77% of small businesses’ average email through rates are between 0% to 10%.


If you are just running ads and expecting to retain your position as a digital marketer then you are in a dream world and this dream is never going to come true! You have to realise that you’re not getting paid to just run ads, instead, you’re getting paid for the results that you get that is the growth in net revenue and in order to turn leads into sales and revenue you need to create finals these are just three of the many different funnels possible!

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