5 Must-see Open Air Attractions In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a holy land for Muslims offering an opportunity to complete pilgrimage goals and renew their faith. But it’s more than just a pilgrimage site. This is a reason the best Umrah packages Bradford and other popular travel plans also offer additional tours for pilgrims beyond pilgrimage.

These packages ensure enough time to perform Umrah rituals and explore what else Saudi Arabia has to offer. It’s all about getting the spiritual experience as well as an unforgettable adventure. After reading this blog post, you’ll realize how diverse and stunning the land of Saudi Arabia is. It covers 5 must-see open-air attractions in Saudi Arabia covering from valleys and deserts to water land.

Exploring 5 Open Air Attractions In Saudi Arabia 

Umrah packages Bradford take care of the comfort and mental peace of pilgrims all the way. That’s a reason, they include additional tours to popular sites of Saudi Arabia in travel plans allowing pilgrims to enhance their experience.

Similarly, the 14 Nights 3 star Umrah package is the best option for budget-conscious pilgrims who want to extend their trip within budget. No matter what type of Umrah deals you choose, try to undertake the following open-air adventures for sure.

  • Wadi Al Baida 

Wadi Al Baida is a super interesting site near Medina presenting a mix of nature and a touch of mystery. The place is famous for anti-gravity illusions and unnatural cliffs all around the valley. 

The place is also known as the Valley of Jinn in the northeast of Medina. It’s a perfect open-air attraction for a day trip if you are there in Medina. As Wadi Al Baida offers a glimpse of the high mountains and desert landscape, exploring this valley would be a great idea to have quality time in nature.

The valley is located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Medina providing a short adventure trip to pilgrims who don’t want to go far from spiritual landmarks.

  1. Fanateer Marina 

Plan a little escape adventure to Fanateer Marina after getting free from the hassle of Umrah rituals. It’s a super interesting and worth seeing a place to spot as a post-Umrah destination in Saudi Arabia. Though not in proximity to pilgrimage sites, Fanateer Marina is worth your visit as it has a lot of natural wonders to offer. In short, it’s all about a change of scenery that pilgrims can enjoy after the busy schedules of pilgrimage. After the Medina, pilgrims also book flights to Dubai to enjoy the charm and beauty of the Dubai. Dubai is one of the Hub for the global travelers here they can enjoy themselves. 

The place is a great open-air attraction to visit on a day trip for those who enjoy spending time in nature. Pilgrims who are into water hobbies can enjoy diving and fishing while others can stroll on beaches and sit back in a relaxing atmosphere.

Plenty of food points and the unique hustle and bustle of people around Marina is worth your experience. If you are going to stay overnight there, catching a sunset scene would be great to unwind from the hassle of getting there.

  1. Al Asir National Park 

Plan a couple of days when you are done with the pilgrimage to spend in the natural beauty of Saudi Arabia. Al Asir National Park is a bit out there from holy cities and this offers a completely different vibe. The whole area of the park is located along the coasts of the Red Sea up into the mountains. The park hosts the peak spot of Saudi Arabia known as Jebel al Sewda which is the most common open-air attraction for visitors.

What’s interesting is that you can book Umrah packages Bradford to plan such an adventure tour all in one place. All you need to finalize your post-Umrah adventure sites and all else will be managed by service providers. This way, you can experience the beauty of Saudi Arabia beyond the spiritual vibes of Makkah and Madinah.

  1. Hegra 

Hegra is another mysterious open-air adventure perfect for a day trip for pilgrims. It’s an ancient city full of older tombs and carved rocks all around. Visiting hegra is just like having a trip to open-air museum.

The place is closer to Medinah making it accessible for pilgrims who are already there in Medina to complete religious goals. It’s similar to exploring Petra without the hustle and bustle of tourists providing a calm place to relax a bit.

For people who are really into the history and cultural transition of Saudi Arabia, Hegra is a worth seeing site.

  1. Wadi Disah 

Exploring Wadi Disah gives you an opportunity to visit the natural wonders of the Tabuk region in Saudi Arabia. It’s famous as a land of palm trees offering a sight-relaxing scene out there. Similar to Hegra, this valley of palm trees is also accessible from Medinah perfect for a day trip by road.

The huge sandstones and massive cliffs are great for outdoor activities like hiking or camping. After experiencing the busy land of Makkah and Madinah, it’s a great spot to relax in nature and reflect on Umrah rituals. So, consider planning a day trip to the open-air beauty of Wadi Disha outside of pilgrimage sites to get the most out of your spiritual journey.

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