8 Tips To Keep Your Car In A Good Condition

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If you’re planning to buy a car, you should know how important it is to keep it in a good condition. Unless you maintain your car properly, it won’t run well. Your car is your pride and joy and it has to be taken care of very carefully.

In Australia, an average car can run for around 10.1 to 12.8 years. If you wish to know a few tips and tricks to keep your car in great condition, here are some for you.

  1. Know the basics

Simply checking the tire pressure and washing it every week won’t do. You will actually have to know how to conduct a basic inspection.

When you buy a car, you’ll be provided with a user manual. Read this manual carefully to understand how to take care of the car properly. Once you know these, you’ll be able to prevent a lot of issues or car breakdowns.

  1. Perform regular maintenance

Regular servicing of your car is extremely important. If you keep skipping regular servicing, your car will start giving you problems. Just like we humans go to a doctor regularly to get ourselves checked, a car too, has to visit a maintenance shop.

If you don’t, these small problems will keep piling up and before you know it, you’ll have to pay a hefty amount for a complete servicing.

  1. Change the oil

A car is made of dozens of tiny mechanical parts that need proper lubrication. The engine is of course, the most important component. Make sure it’s in a working condition by giving it proper lubricants.

Over time, the engine oil tends to get dirty. If you don’t keep changing the oil, you’ll notice wearing and tearing that will keep increasing over time. So be sure to change the lubricating oil at regular intervals.

  1. Change other fluids

Other than the engine oil, there are many other kinds of fluids required for a car. These include the broke oil, power steering oil, transmission fluid, and coolant.

These fluids also need to be replaced by new ones over time. If you use the same fluids for years and years, their effectiveness will decrease.

  1. Check filters and belts

Consumable items like filters or belts should also be inspected frequently. If you see they have become worn or torn, change them as soon as possible. In the case of filters, air gets clogged in the mesh, which reduces the filter’s working capacity.

Damaged engine belt and spark plugs can also lead to pickup problems. If you address these issues on time, you’ll save a lot of money on maintenance costs.

  1. Inspect tires

Tires are often one of the most neglected parts of a car. They go through so much of wear and tear, especially if you drive you car on rough surfaces.

It is, therefore, recommended to do a tire rotation process every six to eight months. Conduct frequent inspection of your tires and make sure the pressure on each tire is uniform. This will increase their longevity.

  1. Keep the interiors clean

Keeping your clean on the inside is as important as maintaining the outer parts. The seats, seat covers, steering wheel all have to be cleaned as frequently as possible.

If you wish, you can purchase some cushions to go with your car seats. Clark Rubber is a leading foam and rubber company in Australia. You can even buy premium-quality foam carpets to place inside your car for relaxing while driving.

  1. Clean the windows and mirrors

Windows, especially the windshield are the windows to the world outside when you’re driving. If the glass is cracked or dirty, you won’t be able to drive properly. Thus, the chances of crashing your car will increase.

In order to avoid any accidents to both yourself and your car, keep the windows as spotless as possible. Clean them every alternate day or so to maintain the shine. Even the mirrors need to be perfectly clean so that you can view objects both far away and close to you.

Over to you…

These eight useful tips will make sure your car is as spotless and steady as possible. Conduct routine inspections, wash your car every week or so, and make sure your driving experience is smooth as butter. If you encounter any kind of problem, immediately take it to a serivicng or repair shop.

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