A crashed drone on Mars?

A photograph of what looks like a machine that has crashed on Mars or was abandoned there, may have been a drone, says a UFO and alien enthusiast. The image was captured by Curiosity rover, NASA’s car-sized robotic rover exploring Gale Crater on Mars.

YouTuber Paranormal Crucible says one of Curiosity’s images while examining rock nest at Gale Crater appears to show a ‘drone-like’ object with signs of extensive rusting.

The YouTube video (embedded below) says the anomaly is clear evidence of intelligent design, that definitely does not come from Earth.

Drone on MarsThe raw image comes from mars.jpl.nasa.gov, while the enhanced picture comes from the YouTube video.

The speaker suggests it could have been made either by Martian creatures, or perhaps was deployed by an alien species exploring the Red Planet, just like humans are currently doing.

Image heavily touched up

As is the case with nearly all these types of analyses, it relies heavily on highlighting and color enhancements. The creators of the video say they must use these techniques in order to make sure every small detail shows up. Many people say the raw image is pretty convincing.

The object is said to have a rusty dome top, as well as a heavy metal base, which is also rusted.

The speaker on the video says the mid-section appears to have a long tube sticking out. She suggests it could be a part of some kind of weapon or the remains of a mechanical device.

If it has been intelligently engineered, she wonders what its purpose might be.

“This object proves that Mars did indeed have intelligent life,” the speaker insists “a fact that NASA has continued to deny to the people of the world.”

Techie News quotes Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily who said:

“I really like his cleaned up photo of the object and his new perspective. It gives us a chance to look at it as it was when it was made, and how it might have been used.”

Video – A crashed drone on Mars?