Advantages and Disadvantages of a Water Dispenser

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Clean, pure, and hygienic water is vital to your health. It is for this reason that health experts recommend adults to drink 8 eight-ounce glasses of water daily.

But sometimes, drinking that much becomes difficult.

That is why investing in a water dispenser makes an excellent choice. It is an essential appliance that offers a healthier alternative to tap water at your disposal.

Although tap water appears clean to the eye, it could be exposed to bacteria which contribute to 90% of illnesses today.

A water dispenser offers clean, purified, and healthy drinking water with a preference for hot, cold, or moderate tab options.

In this post, we go through the pros and cons of a water dispenser.

Advantages of a water dispenser

  • Better for health

According to, tap water is constantly exposed to bacteria and other contaminants that get through the tap. It, therefore, exposes your family to infections, especially kids who have a low immune system.

A water dispenser provides clean, purified water as no dirt goes through it.

  • Encourages a sugar-free diet

In an era where almost everyone is addicted to sugary beverages like soda and flavored juices, a water dispenser comes in handy.

It acts as a healthy alternative and distraction for many.

The appliance puts clean water at your family’s disposal, encouraging everyone to drink more. It reduces the need for flavored or soft drinks. In fact, it saves you money!

  • Serves a large number

Imagine a situation where you have guests at your home, and they keep asking for water. Taking several trips to get the water for everyone would be pretty tiring, right?

A water dispenser saves you the trouble.

It can provide water of all temperatures for your guests to take according to their preferences. And as such, they won’t have to wait for you to boil and cool the water.

  • Eco-friendly

With a water dispenser, you will have no bottles littering around your home. It saves the universe from plastic landfills.

  • Easy to maintain

To keep your water dispenser in good shape and working effectively, you only need to clean it regularly.

Always clean the interior with every water change to prevent the build-up of bacteria. The outer parts require cleaning weekly to remove dust and bacteria left by hands or splatters from drinking glasses.

Disadvantages of a water dispenser

  • Cost

Although most water dispensers come at a reasonable price, there are still those that are really expensive.

You could miss on a dispenser with the features you want just because the price is on the higher side.

And if it is a point-of-use water dispenser, the cost is even higher in the long run since you’ll have to keep on getting new filters for replacement from time to time.


It can be a breeding ground for diseases

If a water dispenser isn’t cleaned regularly, it can become a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria.

You should not exceed 6 months without cleaning your dispenser thoroughly.

In fact, it is generally recommended to clean a water dispenser every 3-6 months to ensure safe and healthy drinking water from the appliance all the time. 

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