How will AI change hiring?

Will AI change hiring? Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Stanford School of Business Studies, Adina Sterling, thinks it will. However, employers are approaching AI with caution. AI will probably be shaping the next search that job seekers conduct. In the age of online recruitment agencies, you can be sure that non-human intelligence is screening people’s resumes. So, what does the advent of AI mean for the future of job seeking and recruitment?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It refers to software technologies that make machines – robots or computers – think like us. It also makes them behave like us. Some AI experts say that it is only artificial intelligence if it can perform at least as well as a human.

Hiring process and artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence helps bring greater efficiency to the hiring process. However, it also poses significant challenges.

AI touching 75% of hiring procedures

Artificial intelligence will have touched approximately 75% of job applications received by large companies, Prof. Sterling said.

These hiring bots focus on very specific criteria when they analyze applicants’ resumes. Therefore, qualified applicants may be discarded early in the process if their resumes do not match the bots’ criteria.

In other words, if your resume doesn’t have the suitable buzzwords to get through the filters, you might not even get an interview.

Prof. Sterling said:

“It’s just as likely today as it was 20 years ago that a diamond in the rough will be overlooked.”

Will AI exacerbate bias?

Clearly, artificial intelligence will make recruiting and job seeking more efficient. However, might AI algorithms embody and perpetuate current hiring bias?

Prof. Sterling noted that many employers are moving with an abundance of caution in the area of hiring and AI. She said she found this encouraging.

This shows that employers realize that machines cannot do this on their own. The AI hiring process needs supervision.

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