AI-powered chatbot created by Atos and Google Cloud for T-Mobile NL

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The new chatbot is part of T-Mobile Netherlands’s digital transformation plan. (Image:

Atos and Google Cloud have created an AI-powered chatbot for T-Mobile Netherlands. The AI-powered chatbot will be part of N-Mobile’s digital transformation plan.

According to ATOS, this multi-channel chatbot will reduce costs, boost customer satisfaction, and streamline customer queries.

ATOS has worked closely with T-Mobile Netherlands to develop the new chatbot. It was tailor-made to provide the Dutch company with a solution for its specific need. ATOS will connect it to T-Mobile Netherland’s social media channels, its customer website, and its product and customer databases.

Based on successful chatbot PoC

Engineers based the new chatbot on a successful proof of concept (PoC) carried out in November 2018. It achieved a high level of user intent recognition. In other words, the chatbot understands what the user is attempting to do. It then knows how to offer relevant help.

The new contract includes building the chatbot as well as plans to develop it further. Computer science specialists will develop it further with AI.

In a press release, ATOS wrote:

“The aim is to create a modern, more personalized, intuitive customer care experience, with faster insights into customer data.”

Better and more efficient service

CTIO of T-Mobile Netherlands, Kim Larsen, said:

“We recognize the potential benefits of AI, and with this new enhanced chatbot we will be able to offer our customers an improved and more efficient service.”

Senior Executive Vice-President, Group Chief Commercial Officer at Atos, Robert Vassoyan, said:

“We are delighted to have been selected by T-Mobile Netherlands. This is true testament to our experience and expertise in this sector, as well as to our strong partnership with Google Cloud, which will bring further added value to the product.”

“T-Mobile’s customers will now have a more personalized and smooth user experience when communicating via chatbot.”

ATOS and Google cloud have secured many global partnerships across various sectors and industries.

What is AI?

The letters AI stand for Artificial Intelligence. The term refers to software that makes machines such as robots and computers think and behave like us (humans).

Experts say that if it cannot make the machine perform at least as well as a human, we cannot call it AI. In this context, ‘perform’ refers to human computational capacity, speed, and accuracy.

Humans can ‘learn as we go along,’ i.e., learn and get better from experience. Machines with AI can also do this. We call this capacity, and the study of it, machine learning.

Machine learning allows devices to learn new information and skills on their own, i.e., without human input.

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