Alien mother ship filmed near Jupiter moon Europa says UFO seeker

A British UFO seeker says he filmed an alien mother ship near Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons – this news has turned the conspiracy theory community into a frenzy as social media websites fill up with an ever-growing list of explanations for its presence and why it allowed us to film it.

The video, which has been posted online, contains images taken from a person’s back garden of what he claims is a structure hovering in space very close to Europa, a moon NASA is currently planning to send a probe to, to determine whether life as we know it could exist there.

The UFO seeker, Louis Read, from Bristol in south west England, sent the images to a well-known group of UFO researchers (among UFO seekers) – Secureteam, – who has placed them on a YouTube video (bottom of this page) with a detailed voice-over of what we are supposed to be looking at.

Giant UFO mothership near EuropaLewis Reed took this picture from his back garden in the UK. He and several other people are convinced that the UFO in the image is of an alien mother ship, or a cluster of spacecraft belonging to intelligent extraterrestrials from somewhere in the Universe. (Image: YouTube)

UFO ‘experts’ convinced it’s an alien ship

Secureteam, which describes itself on Facebook as “the fastest growing research outlet and source for data on the alien phenomenon, UFO’s, and the exposure of those covering them up,” has one of its narrators talking on the video, claiming that there is definitely a reflective UFO near Europea.

The video has been watched by nearly 300,000 people.

The narrator can be heard saying:

“Just … this is just an amazing find, because this definitely looks like a structure to me. This definitely isn’t one of Jupiter’s moons. It could be multiple structures, grouped together.”

According to Secureteam, the photographs show a massive alien structure that seems to be moving towards Europa.

The team is convinced that whatever is up there does not belong at that place. A team member said he would not be surprised if it were some kind of alien craft looking around near Jupiter.

Face on Io a Jupiter moonThis image of what looks like a face was found on the surface of Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. An iPad owner was playing around with an App called ‘Jupiter Atlas’ when he came across it. Jupiter and its moons have long been shrouded in mystery. (Image:

The person who took the pictures said he used a Canon 650D with a 7D-300mm telescopic lens – all mounted on a tripod in his back garden.

If you zoom in on the images, you can see Jupiter glowing, and to its right a mysterious object shining brightly.

According to the narrator, this is a Solar System first, i.e. nothing like this has ever been observed in our Solar System.

Wild and sober suggestions from the general public

The video has gone viral internationally and so have comments about it. Many alien enthusiasts say it is clear evidence of the initial preparations for an invasion of Earth, while others wonder whether space DNA farmers have come to harvest their crop (they planted DNA in us a long time ago).

They cannot be aggressive extraterrestrials who aim to harm us, said another reader, arguing that they have clearly switched off their cloaking device and want to be seen, which should be interpreted as a gesture of friendship.

NASA Europa MissionThis artist’s rendering shows a concept for a future NASA mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, which is thought to contain a global subsurface ocean. NASA says it wants to “investigate whether the mysterious icy moon could harbor conditions suitable for life.” (Image:

More scientifically-minded people wonder whether it might simply be a cluster of Jupiter’s moons, reflecting light from the planet Saturn, or even the NASA spacecraft Juno that was sent to Jupiter in 2011.

As often occurs when people want to see something desperately enough, none of the Secureteam accepts the scientific explanations – they are all 100% sure this is compelling evidence of intelligent extraterrestrials.

UFO sightings and alleged alien encounters tend to increase in frequency when there are more sci-fi movies in the cinemas or series on TV. Since the beginning of November last year, the number of reports has increased considerably.

Video – Huge alien structure near Jupiter?

This video contains the images taken by Lewis Reed. Do you think it is an alien megastructure, or the reflection of some space objects such as a moon or perhaps Saturn?