Alien mutant fish with human like feet and nose stuns locals

A bizarre alien mutant fish with incredibly human like feet and nose, fish scales and what look like wings, has been discovered ashore on Carriacou, one of the Grenadine Islands in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, northeast of Grenada.

UPDATE, 2 Feb 2016: No need to panic. It turns out that the creature is the run-of-the-mill Shortnose Batfish (Ogcocephalus nasutus).

Fishermen and locals, who were stunned and a bit spooked when they saw the creature, were at a loss to explain what it is, what species it might belong to, or where it comes from.

According to the Granada Informer, a local newspaper, fisherman Hope McLawrence was astonished and shocked when he pulled the creature – which he said had some eerily human-like features – in his net, just outside windward jetty.

Alien mutant fish with human like feetPicture of the creature upside-down. Crowds gathered around the ‘alien mutant fish’ in stunned silence. Then the rumours started to spread. (Image: Granada Informer)

Some human-like features

The aquatic creature has two feet with five toes each, no visible fin (but maybe wings), a long bone along its back, and a perfectly-formed human-like nose immediately above its mouth.

Mr. McLawrence, who says he has never seen anything like it, explained:

“It looks like a dangerous fish which can be poisonous. The wings and tail look extremely complicated.”

Mr. McLawrence, who has been fishing in the local waters for more than fifty years, says that by the look of it, the creature is probably unable to swim about and exists by walking along the sea bed.

“This has shocked me to a considerable extent since I never thought that a creature like this even existed, much less in the harbour of these shallow, friendly waters. This is like a mystery and breathes a chill with this discovery” added Mr. McLawrence.

Rumours of horrors start circulating

As soon as it was discovered, a crowd of people gathered and simply stared in disbelief. Witnesses said they were pretty scared and thought it looked like something out of a horror or sci-fi movie.

Carriacou island in the Caribbean SeaCarriacou is a dependency of Grenada, part of the Carriacou and Petite Martinique Constituency. It is known as the ‘Isle of Reefs’ and features some of the most beautiful coral reefs of the region. (Image adapted from Trip Advisor pic)

Rumours immediately started spreading around the island of the arrival of the first sign of the Apocalypse (the complete final destruction of the world as described in the biblical book of Revelation), a genetic experiment that went terribly wrong, a secret invasion of our planet by aliens from another world, and a demon that lurks in the Caribbean.

As soon as the photo started going viral on the internet, suggestions on what the creature might be developed further and included some extraordinary explanations.

One person believes it is part of a global experiment organised by rich people to genetically modify humans in preparation for global warming – if sea levels are going to rise, we are going to have to live in the water. If that is the case, why couldn’t they make us look more like mermaids?

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Video – Alien mutant fish baffles fishermen