Apple is working on wireless charging technology for the iPhone

Apple wants to bring wireless charging technology to iPhones and iPads ‘as soon as next year’, according to a recent report by Bloomberg.

People familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that Apple is developing new technologies which would essentially allow iPhones and iPads to recharge at a further distance away than current charging mats offered by other smartphone makers.

Developing wireless charging technology which does not require direct contact with a power mat is not an easy task. As Bloomberg points out, “efficiency of power transfer decreases as the distance between transmitter and receiver grows.” Apple is going to have to overcome a number of technical barriers for the technology to become a reality.

iphone battery charging
Apple is reportedly working on wireless (and contact-less) charging technology for the iPhone.

Apple has already looked into wireless technology for a while now. The company was granted a patent in which an iMac acts as a wireless charging station capable of recharging devices at a distance of about 1 meter using a technique called near-field magnetic resonance. The tech giant uses a similar technique, known as induction, to wirelessly charge the Apple Watch.

So wireless charging is nothing new for the company, but Apple needs to offer something innovative if it wants to retain its share of the smartphone market. Launching wireless charging tech which doesn’t require a power mat definitely appeal to consumers.

iPhones and iPads account for over three quarters of revenue for the company. Major rivals, such as Samsung and Sony, have already released wireless-charging tech for their smartphones, so it’s imperative for Apple to offer a similar feature at the very least to remain competitive.