Apple ResearchKit set “to transform medical research”

Health researchers are planning on collecting data on major diseases using Apple Inc’s new ResearchKit software tool.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said that that the tool is set “to transform medical research,” by gathering real-time data from millions of users.

With the software tool researchers can create apps using the built-in-sensors on the iPhone, as well as wearable devices, to receive real-time health data.

Without large numbers, researchers can’t generate the amount of data necessary to develop wider-ranging or individualized treatments.

ResearchKit “simplifies recruiting” by making it a breeze for people to sign up for a study no matter where they live in the world. The result is “a much larger and more varied study group, which provides a more useful representation of the population.”

The software also eliminates the need for handwritten surveys and lengthy forms.

Video of ResearchKit

According to Apple:

“Medical researchers are doing some of the most important work in the world, and they’re committed to making life-changing discoveries that benefit us all.”

“To help, we’ve created ResearchKit, an open source software framework that makes it easy for researchers and developers to create apps that could revolutionize medical studies, potentially transforming medicine forever.”

“Until now, taking part in a medical study has usually required traveling to a hospital or facility to complete tasks and fill out questionnaires.”

“With ResearchKit, you can use your iPhone to perform activities and generate data wherever you are, providing a source of information that is more objective than ever possible before. This is invaluable to the progress of medical research — and we can all have a hand in it.”

Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, American Heart Association, said:

“Numbers are everything. The more people who contribute their data, the bigger the numbers, the truer the representation of a population, and the more powerful the results. A research platform that allows large amounts of data to be collected and shared — that can only be a positive thing for medical research.”


Users can decide whether or not they want their data to be used for research purposes or not

The company stressed that users are in full control if they want to share their data for research or not.

“We know how much you value the privacy of your information, and ResearchKit has been designed with that in mind. You choose what studies you want to join, you are in control of what information you provide to which apps, and you can see the data you’re sharing.”

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