Apple shoppers spent $20 more than Android consumers during Thanksgiving

On average, Apple iOS users spent $20 more than Android device consumers online during the Thanksgiving shopping spree, according to data released by IBM.

Online retail data is much more accurate than information on physical shops when determining the popularity of different products. The Endicott-based multinational technology and consulting giant published data showing that consumers spent approximately 25% more on Apple iOs devices than Android ones.

IBM says its data shows a difference in the relative affluence between the two types of shoppers.

Apple iOS users spent an average of $127.34 on Thanksgiving Day online versus $101.83 by Android users, a difference of 25.1%, IBM reported.

Jay Henderson, IBM’s Smarter Commerce Director says Apple has a stronger hold over the online retail market in the United States.

Apple iOS vs Android

In the online retail market share war, Apple appears to be winning in the United States.

On average, iPad and iPhone buyers tend to be slightly wealthier than their Android device counterparts, Henderson explained. He also believes Apple device consumers are likely to be more comfortable using iOS device technology.

Half of all Internet shopping was done using a mobile device in 2014, IBM reports. The finding includes data on purchasers as well as browsers.

One quarter of all online shopping was done using either an iPad or iPhone in 2014.

Regarding total sales volumes, 32% came from either smartphones or tablets, IBM reported. PC users represent 47.6% of all online sales, and thus still dominate the market.

The Report also informed that online sales on Black Friday were 8.5% up on last year, with mobile traffic rising by 24.2%. However, average order value fell 2.4% to $136.87. Pinterest referrals drove an average of $98.62 per order, compared to Facebook’s $124.44.