Apple Watch will be able to track glucose levels for diabetics

Apple is partnering up with DexCom to implement an app for the Apple Watch to track glucose levels – very useful for those who have diabetes.

The plan is to offer diabetics an easy-to-use and quick way of monitoring their glucose levels by just looking at the app. It’s important for diabetics to keep an eye on their glucose levels, as severe fluctuations can lead to serious medical problems.

The app is not going to need pre-market approval from the FDA because of a recent reclassification.

Apple Watch

According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal, the Apple Watch won’t actually analyze glucose levels itself, but will receive information transmitted every five minutes via a DexCom glucose monitor or CGM, a hair-thin sensor embedded under the skin.

The Apple Watch is going to be available for consumers to buy in April and it is expected that the app will also be ready when it launches.

DexCom is offering two separate apps. One of the apps allows users to view the data while another app lets them share the data with another person (such as a doctor).

Apple has been working hard at marketing its upcoming product as both a smartwatch and a health and fitness tracker.

According to Gizmodo, DexCom first teased its plan to bring glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch at CES 2015.


Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer said in an investor call:

“In the near term, we’ll focus on CGM data presentation,” he said. “Certainly over time we will have broader apps that include more. We want to have pump information and other diabetes information. But we haven’t laid out a pipeline for that, we’re still developing our tools. You’ll hear more in the future.”