Asda was the UK’s cheapest supermarket for branded goods in 2016

The UK’s cheapest supermarket for branded goods in 2016 was Asda, according to consumer group ‘Which?’.

The consumer group looked at the average prices of 80 popular items to compare prices between British supermarkets.


According to Which?, the basket of 80 products – including items such as Dolmio sauce, Nescafe Gold Blend coffee and Warburtons bread – cost £154.14 on average at Asda.

In comparison, the same basket of goods cost £160.19 at Morrisons, £162.11 at Sainsbury’s, and £164.19 at Tesco. Waitrose was the country’s most expensive supermarket, with the the basket of goods costing £172.27 on average over the year.

Which? magazine editor Richard Headland said: “With increasing concern over rising food prices, our research shows that some supermarkets are consistently cheaper than others. It could be worth switching supermarkets, or shopping around, if you want to trim your shopping bill.”

Despite offering shoppers the best value for branded goods, Asda was among the UK’s worst performing supermarket chains in terms of sales growth last year.

The consumer group used data by independent shopping website MySupermarket to monitor the cost of popular branded products and calculate the average price. Asda was found to be consistently cheaper than its rivals – it offered the best value in 11 out of 12 months.

German discount retailers Aldi and Lidl were not included in the analysis as they don’t sell enough of the branded items in the basket of goods used by the researchers. In independent price tests Aldi and Lidl tend to come out on top because of their cut-price version of luxury items.