Why choose a Bachelor of Commerce degree?

A Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate program designed to provide students with a wide range of knowledge in the fields of accounting, finance, banking, and the management of business processes.

Bacher of Commerce degree articleThis course is designed in two forms:

  • B.Com (Honors).
  • Regular B.Com.

Of course, the level of study in the Honors course is superior to its regular counterpart. After completion of 10+2, it is the most sought after course in accounting. This three-year degree course is entirely focused on accounting, mathematics, and economics.

Commerce remains a subject that will be forever required in all business enterprises. Moreover, this interesting course also opens up a wide career choice for you in the future. You can also pursue an MBA, M. Comm., or C.A. post-graduate qualification if you want to carry on studying.

In this article, we explain why choosing a B. Comm. degree is a wise decision. It will help you run your own business more successfully or improve your chances of climbing the career ladder in a company.

  1. Employment opportunities increase

In today’s marketplace, demand for well-qualified finance professionals is very strong, and is likely to continue growing for many decades to come.

With a B.Comm degree, your chances of finding a good job will improve greatly. They will improve even more significantly if you follow up by studying for a post-graduate qualification.

  1. Greater career in Commerce

Employers are aware that a Bachelors degree in Commerce provides students with overall business skills, and includes comprehensive coursework that helps prepare them for today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. Graduates are highly sought after by small, medium and large sized corporations.

In fact, there is a very good chance that headhunters will seek you out during your course.

Bachelor of Commerce job prospects

  1. Wide subject choice

As discussed, graduating with a B. Comm. degree provides several options for further studies. If you plan to acquire more qualifications, below is a list of some possible post-graduate and specialization courses you could pursue.

MBA (finance)

This course prepares students for upper-management positions focussing on finance or the financial sector. In most cases, apart from finance, courses also include marketing, business leadership, management, communications, and organizational behaviour.

If your employer tasks you with completing such a course, it definitely means that they are planning to promote you.

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered accountants are at the top of the accountancy ‘food chain.‘ They retain a membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). You can only become a member if you pass a series of stringent examinations and have undergone a specified amount of work experience..


Students can also opt to do an M. Comm. after their B. Comm., where they can choose Economics, Statistics, Accountancy, Finance, or Business as their majors.


This is great opportunity to become a member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India. Students have vast career options after completing the ICWAI course. Many become, for example, Financial Controllers, Cost Controllers, Chief Accountants, etc.

  1. Wide Job Profile

Commerce students can choose from a wide range of job profiles, depending on which fields they focussed on and are interested in.

As a graduate, you can become, for example, an Auditor, Accountant, Consultant, Business Analyst, Finance Officer, Sales Analyst, Tax Accountant, Asset Manager, and Stock Broker.

  1. Good package

In all the fields of work you decide to focus on, your probability of landing a well-paid job is almost guaranteed. Chartered accountants are among the highest-paid salaried people in the world. They can also earn an extremely good living working for themselves, especially after they have built up a large client base of companies and/or private individuals.

Final thoughts

As you have now read, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree will definitely improve your chances of getting a good job and help your career prospects. Whether you choose to start working straight away or prefer to continue studying, is a decision you will need to think about carefully. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

One thing is definite, however, in the world of business, government, and other organizations, demand for commerce graduates and accountants will never fade. As has been the case for decades, and will be for many years to come, the supply of well qualitied accountants and commerce graduates rarely meets national and global levels of demand.

The following quote comes from Leverage Edu:

“Traditionally, commerce was referred to as the process that facilitates the exchange of goods, services or something of value in between two parties. However, we as a nation are way past this.”

“Now commerce isn’t just limited to this. It is a practice that enhances the standard of living in a country and increase its standing in the world by providing jobs and producing beneficial goods and services.”


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