Best Restaurants for a Business Lunch at the Port Authority

You came to New York for a business lunch and you’re meeting at the Port Authority. That’s great – but where will you eat? There are plenty of choices but you want to find something that will impress the people you are meeting. Trying to talk in a touristy restaurant just won’t cut it.

Do You Like Italian Food?

If your answer to that is yes, then you can pick two places – Tony DiNapoli’s or Trattoria Trecolori. Both of them are fairly close to the Port Authority. They have selections like shrimp, baked ziti, mozzarella salads, gnocchi, linguine with clams and spaghetti carbonara. You might want to try to avoid getting anything with red sauce if you’re wearing white, though. Just a tip.

Do You Like Thai Food?

New York has all kinds of restaurants for all kinds of cultures. That’s what plays a big part in its Melting Pot nickname. There are great Thai restaurants within walking distance from Port Authority. To name the best ones we’d say, Yum Yum Bangkok and Pam Real Thai Food. You’ll be able to get things like chicken coconut soup, fried tofu, pad Thai, and other delicacies. Both would be excellent places to sit and discuss your business needs. You can go for the M Restaurant chain that also offers some great brunch and lunch options to all business entrepreneurs that come with clients, partners and colleagues for enjoying a satisfying and tasty meal. 

Do You Like Japanese Foods?

If you are a fan of this cuisine, you’ll gladly walk the 10 blocks to get to Kyotofu. They have great dishes like sake-infused mac and cheese, tofu salad, and warm green tea buckwheat noodles.

Walking to a business lunch is alright, but what if you have your luggage in tow?

The last thing you want to do is drag your bags around the Port Authority and have them sitting by you while you have your business lunch. That won’t give off a good image to the people you are meeting. You’d be better off leaving your luggage storage in Port Authority. If you do that, you can just take the necessary things to the place you choose to eat, like a tablet.

On a blazing hot summer day, walking that far may not be an option. The last thing you want is to get there in a puddle of sweat. That won’t get your meeting off on the right foot. Why not go to Kodama Sushi instead, which is much closer? You can get anything from chicken teriyaki to soba noodles, and pick from a lot of different types of sushi.

Do You Like Greek/Mediterranean Foods?

You’re in luck if you are a fan of this type of food. You can take a few steps and just go to Dafna Greek Taverna. If you have time, you can also take a 10-minute walk to Gazala Place. You and your clients can have anything from pork souvlaki, lamb gyros, and moussaka to falafel wraps, lamb kebabs, and hummus tahini.

Whatever be your preference, you should always be sure to talk things over with the people that you’re meeting for the business lunch. Not just out of business etiquettes, but also to know whether the other party is fond of a particular type of cuisine or not. You’ll need to find a middle ground. If the other people you are meeting don’t like any of these selections, you could always seek American food restaurants, like The Marshal. It all depends on how casual you want this meeting to be.

The places suggested here make a pretty safe bet for business meetings. Ultimately, you will have your lunch and then you can go back home, hopefully with a good feeling from the food in your stomach and from getting a good result from the business lunch. 

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