The Best Ways to Store Edibles 

A few feelings come nearer to making you happier than having just made the perfect edible. A lot goes into making an edible. You have to source the right weed and use only the correct methods to get your edible. You might even have to go through Hail Mary Jane’s blog post on edible makers to ensure you are using the right equipment.

After all the investment the last thing you want is your edibles to go to waste. You wish they last until you have consumed the last bite.

What are edibles - best ways to store edibles
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Here is the storage information you need to make the edibles last that long.

Risks of not storing your edibles 

Storing cannabis properly is essential as you keep them away from any unwanted users and keep them fresh. While the edibles maintain potency for long, they don’t last long before going bad. Proper storage is the sure way to keep them in the right state for the needed period.

Storing the edibles keeps them away from moisture and humidity hence fewer chances of going bad. The storage also protects from excessive sun exposure, contamination, molds or mildew, and bugs.

Leaving the edible outside exposes to all the above risks and it will go bad in a few days.

How to store edibles and cannabutter 

Now that you understand the risk of poor storage, the next step is to invest in proper storage. Here are some of the top tips for edibles storage.

  • Freezing

The fridge is the ideal place to store the edibles or oil if want them to last for long. You can keep the edible in a freezer for almost a year without losing potency or taste. Get rid of any moisture on the storage container to avoid contamination when stored.

  • Airtight containers

Containers are your best option if you are looking to store the edible for around a month. Wrap small quantities of the edible in paper then seal and place in a zip lock or vacuum food bags. You can then store the bag in an airtight container.

  • Glass jars

Glass jars are similar to airtight containers. Use the jars to store non-sticking edibles in a cool and dry environment. Keep the jar sealed to avoid the entry of moisture and other contaminants.

  • Avoid transparent containers

One of the main reasons for proper storage is to avoid exposure to sunlight. Transparent containers expose the edible to light which might affect its potency.

  • Other tips

Keep track of the date you store the edible to know how long it can last. Also, avoid eating directly from an edible you want to store. This protects it from bacteria exposure from the mouth.

Bottom Line 

Edibles and cannabutter are some of the fun ways to enjoy cannabis. As such you always want to get the most out of every portion you make. Proper storage is the best way to ensure the edibles serve you for long. The right storage eliminates the risk of bacteria and other contaminants hence last for longer.

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