Blackout Dual Shades

Need privacy, light control, and the pleasure of a view in a single package? Then installing dual blackout shades to your windows is the answer to all your wishes.

Designed primarily to provide you with exceptional privacy and light control while still allowing you to enjoy the view, blackout dual shades offer unparalleled functionality. So, love a view that you just can’t allow to be covered? Don’t worry. Blackout dual shades are great for light control while maintaining your view, and also block harmful UV rays.

What Dual Blackout Shades Offer?

Whether it is a city apartment or country cottage, restaurant, conference hall, or professional building, and everything in between, these dual blackout shades fit perfectly into any style. Using two fabrics incorporated into one headrail, double roller shades give you protection when you require and light when you need without giving a feeling that you’re on display. So, the exquisitely designed and crafted window covering will not only perform excellently but also look stylish, whether its winter or summer.

Window treatments are more than just a source of light and privacy control; they beautify a space when chosen appropriately. Therefore, we allow you to decide on your dual roller shades from an array of fabrics and custom sizes, each with their own strengths. Our Dual Blackout Shades fit in with just about any décor and provide a clean, consistent look throughout the space offering;

  • Openness opportunities to enjoy your view
  • Durable materials that will stand the test of time
  • Block unkind incoming rays of the sun to protect your interior
  • Soothing designs to match your décor

Dual Blackout Shades Are Perfect for Every Space

Dual Shades feature two shades mounted together, one in front of the other that raise independently and lower for the ultimate privacy flexibility and light control. Dual Blackout Shades are designed to ensure total lighting control and privacy for;

  • Conference Rooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Schools and auditoriums
  • Home Theaters
  • Practically any room that necessitates the elimination of light through windows.

Fabrics and Installation

A huge selection of on-trend fabrics makes it easy to transform your space with a look that speaks for itself. You can select from a range of materials from sheer textures, woven natural textures, saturated solid colors to tonal & contrasting patterns. We recommend deciding on a light-filtering or solar (sheer) material for the front shade and blackout material for the back shade.

Choose from the continuous-loop lift or motorized lift option; you will experience a smooth and quick operation via remote control. With the integration of smart motorization, you can lower or raise your shades, even when you are not at your home. So, with Blackout dual shades, you can enjoy quality components for durable style and dependable, smooth operation.


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