Bright sphere UFO vanishes into wormhole portal say enthusiasts

A bright UFO sphere appeared in the sky over Canberra, Australia, and then vanished into its dimension through a wormhole portal, say alien enthusiasts. They are convinced the unidentified flying object came from another dimension, looked around within ours, and then returned using technology centuries ahead of what we have to its own parallel universe.

A video, which has gone viral, was initially uploaded to Reddit, a popular entertainment, social networking, and news website. It shows a spherical object appearing up in the sky above Canberra on Sunday night during a storm. A very faint green and red glow can be seen around it.

The mysterious orb went super bright in the centre of the night sky, and then rapidly faded away and vanished. The viewer can make out an outline of the object in the sky for a few seconds after it has gone, and then there is nothing.

Sphere UFO CanberraThe alleged ‘sphere UFO’ appeared in the Canberra night sky during a thunderstorm. As shown in the image below, it suddenly became very bright. (Image:

Alien race crossing dimensions or ball lightning?

On seeing this footage, alien enthusiasts are convinced it was an extraterrestrial vehicle or craft belonging to a super-advanced race that knows how to cross into different dimensions.

They have not been persuaded by scientists who suggested it may have been a weather phenomenon known as ‘ball lightning’ – which may be more likely, but is also an unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomenon.

Ball lightning refers to reports of luminous, spherical objects which vary in size from about an inch to several metres. They are nearly always reported during thunderstorms, but last significantly longer than a lightning bolt flash.

Until the early 1960s, most scientists said that ball lightning did not exist and was an urban myth, despite several reports across the world. Ball lightning-like effects have been produced in laboratory experiments. Nobody can be sure whether they are related to the natural ones that witnesses report.

The Daily Mail quoted David Tefler, a YouTube user, who says he has seen a flying saucer open up and enter a wormhole-like portal, but in that case no bright lights appeared. “I’d say it was a craft exiting a portal,” he wrote.

Due to the ‘typical hyperdrive residue’ formation which allegedly occurred, Jakka Warren insists it was a Class B UFO. Mr. Warren wrote “They wanna tell me it’s a ball of lightning, nice try fools,” said Mr Warren.

Orb then goes super brightBefore vanishing, the orb became super bright. (Image: YouTube)

Perhaps an aurora created by the storm

ABC News in Australia interviewed Brad Tucker, an Astrophysicist/Cosmologist who is currently Research Fellow at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Mt. Stromlo Observatory at the Australian National University. He believes the green and red light which glowed faintly in the background ‘was characteristic of an aurora’. Dr. Tucker said the phenomenon on the video was ball lightning.

Dr. Tucker said:

“An aurora is when energy from the sun hits the earth’s atmosphere, the energy rubs the earth’s atmosphere with friction and charges the gas. But the problem is there was no activity from the sun, it was cloudy, we can’t see the aurora, so it doesn’t really fit.”

Ball LightningPossible ball lightning. Picture taken in Maastricht, the Netherlands, 2011. (Image: Wikipedia)

Dr. Tucker believes the green and red colours probably came from the thunderstorm itself.

Dr. Tucker added:

“The same activity that causes an aurora, can actually happen inside our atmosphere if you have a storm with a lot of electrical charge that is rubbing against the gases in our atmosphere, causing it to grow that green or red colour.”

“Sometimes, if you get a really interesting occurrence, you create something called ‘ball lightning’. Normally lightning strikes up and down hitting the ground, but ball lightning is a weird thing where it appears as a ball explosion, sometimes it can even move around in the sky.”

“Ball lightning had been reported to occur ‘more often in Australia than elsewhere’. [But] there are lots of weird natural phenomenon that happens everywhere.”

Regarding the several suggestions offered by people that the Canberra event was proof of super-advanced extraterrestrial creatures, Dr. Tucker said:

“I don’t think it’s aliens. It’s always hard to discredit aliens, but I think they would probably visit somewhere more active than Canberra coming back from holidays. It’s probably not Photoshop either. Everything kind of fits and it seems right.”

Video – Bright sphere appears and vanishes during storm