Brunch Near Me: Dining Out? Here’s the Top 5 Brunch Food You Should Have!

Breakfast - egg sunny side up

When you’re out for brunch near me (oh… near you; sorry, I’m hungry too!), you MUST try out our top 5 brunch food! These will have you waking up, getting dressed up, and driving out for a great brunch experience every day!

Top 5 Food You Need to Order NOW at a Brunch Near You

Oats and Fruits

Oats and fruits should be your go-to brunch food if you’re health-focused but want a fun and highly-customizable brunch meal. Brunch cafes will likely have this in their menu. And, you can look forward to varieties that keep brunches interesting. You’ll have a variety of seasonal fruit and oats choices (as well as mueslis, nuts and other healthy stuff), soaked in a variety of liquids (an assortment of milk or non-milk / water if you’re vegan). This choice is great if you want a balanced diet.


You can’t lose with scrambled eggs and sides! Eggs are brunch staples but tricky. Do it wrong and you get a so-so meal. But, in the right hands, eggs – scrambled – are lips-smacking magic! Scrambled eggs are versatile brunch meals. You can have it with a variety of sides. Our favorite is bacon. And of course, you get your favorite bread too so you can wipe off your eggs’ gooey goodness!


Arguably, pancakes can be eaten any time of day. It is not just a breakfast or brunch treat.  It’s so good – it shouldn’t be! But, with many brunch places offering some of the best pancakes around, why not get it when you dine out for brunch! You get a good variety around; yummy sweet and savory choices. And if you’re up for a little adventure, we recommend visiting German Village Coffee Shop in Columbus, Ohio. They’re popular for their thick and fluffy pancakes, but the great thing about them is their pancake of the month. You can definitely find a lot of spots that serve the best brunch in Columbus, but the variety of specialty flavors in German Village is excellent if pancakes are your fave brunch food.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs benny is possibly one of the best ways to eat eggs. These look deceptively easy to make but it takes the timing and instinct of a top chef to pull off. You can have it with your choice of protein, including smoked salmon, bacon and ham.

Breakfast Burrito

When you get the craving, there’s nothing better than getting your Mexican fix over brunch! A breakfast burrito checks all boxes; from spiced rice, beans and protein to tangy guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Plus, you get your dose of eggs too!


What’s better than eggs for brunch near me (er… you)? Omelettes! Omlettes are like scrambles but with the filling of your choice. You can make it Spanish by adding paprika, bell peppers and chorizos. Or, make it fun and gooey by adding four cheeses and – well – nothing else matters when you have four cheeses!

French Toast

Brunch French toasts are the perfect brunch treats! They’re both sweet and savory; you get the protein of your choice as a side and your dose of sugar sweetness too! French toasts are also some of the most deceptive brunch meals when it comes to making them yourself. The best brunch diners are sure to please your French toasts cravings!

Head out for brunch near me (errrr you!) as soon as possible. Brunch is the possibly the best meal of the day so you shouldn’t miss out on your favorites!

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