Reason Why Your Business Needs Custom Lapel Pins

As recently as a few years ago, many businesses thought the concept of using a custom lapel pin for anything other than celebrating the release of a new product or service or for marking an employee’s long service with the company, was unnecessary and unprofessional. However, just as how today’s companies run has changed significantly, so has the approach and use of custom lapel pins within the business sector.

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Today, custom lapel pins have become a staple of business marketing for many industries. Bespoke lapel pins have become tools for helping businesses in various sectors in a diverse number of ways. Of course, that being said, there are a wide number of businesses that have never even considered implementing custom lapel pins. If you are the owner or manager of one of these businesses, then you may be unsure of how your business can benefit from incorporating custom lapel pins.

Keen to learn more about the benefits of custom lapel pins for your business? Read on for a guide to all of the benefits that these little bespoke pins can offer!

Build brand name and business recognition

When it comes to the design of custom lapel pins, a large number of companies opt to incorporate the name of the company or its logo into every lapel pin design. A subtle lapel pin can act as a fantastic tool for building brand recognition and brand awareness, particularly if your business does not require your team members to wear a set uniform and instead has a smart dress code or even a casual one – which is something that is becoming increasingly popular within the business industry.

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Use as a promotional tool

A quirky and unique lapel pin, such as those available from The Pin Zone, that has been designed specifically for your business can act as a fantastic promotional tool. You can opt to have a number of custom-made lapel pins designed to hand out to customers as part of your promotional strategy.

You can also opt to create custom pins to go with the launch of a new product or service to hand out to the first 100 customers, for instance. Or, you could offer custom lapel pins as part of a money raising strategy to raise funds for a local charity, asking people to make a small donation in exchange for one of your lapel pins. Lapel pins – when designed right – can generate a large amount of brand awareness within the local community, making them a fantastic investment for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Indirectly advertise

By encouraging your team members and your customer to wear your lapel pins, you are indirectly reminding the local community that your business exists. Whenever someone wears one of your custom lapel pins, the local community will be reminded that your business is a key aspect of that community, supporting local causes and employing local people.

A beautifully designed lapel pin can draw the attention of potential customers and boost business without having to pay for traditional advertising.

Boost employee morale

Custom lapel pins can also make fantastic rewards for your team members and help to boost employee morale. Say a department within your company has done remarkably well on a project, you could reward the entire team with specially made, custom lapel pins to bestow recognition. It’s little acts like this that can help to boost employee contentment and team morale.


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