Why Every Business Should Go Green in 2020

Going green might appear to be the latest trend, but there’s far much more to it than simply jumping on the latest bandwagon. Being more environmentally friendly has a variety of benefits for businesses large and small. Green processes in the workplace create a healthier and more pleasant environment for employees, reduce costs and unnecessary waste, and put the business out there as a brand that cares about the planet and people in it; one major reason for choosing to buy from or work with a certain business for many people today.

Businesses should go green - image of leaves and go green signAs a business owner, you’re somewhat responsible for leading the way for social change, and the decisions you make with your business are going to influence others. If you’re thinking about going green with your company, there are a number of environmental, social, and financial benefits of taking the plunge.

Legal and Tax Benefits

There are many practical advantages to going green, along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your company is having a positive rather than a negative impact on the environment. Tax credits and incentives are also available in many states. In Florida, companies that produce renewable energy can claim a corporate tax credit, and some states provide businesses with sales tax exemptions if they use solar energy systems, equipment, and other renewable energy technologies.

If you’re looking for ways to save money in your business, going green is the answer. Investing in solar panels can save you much more than just tax; producing your own renewable energy for your business will also reduce your energy bills significantly. Consider visiting this provider to explore your options; Semper Solaris is a solar panel and solar panel installation provider based in California, servicing businesses and residential homes in the state.

Reduce Waste

Waste is a big problem for many businesses, especially if you are in the manufacturing industry. But going green can reduce waste and improve overall efficiency for any business, even offices, that could reduce paper waste significantly by switching to digital documents as much as possible.

Turning off lights in vacant rooms and offices reduces energy waste and cost while printing fewer documents cuts down paper wastage while lowering the company’s budget on printing materials. Simple switches, like refilling ink cartridges rather than throwing them away and getting new ones, can reduce both waste and money spent. Over time, the amount you will save from making these small changes will add up to more money that can be invested into more worthwhile business processes, like your marketing strategy or employee satisfaction.

Improved Public Relations

While the public response alone is not a reason to decide to go green, it’s definitely a good side effect that most businesses experience when they decide to adopt eco-friendlier operating strategies. Studies have found that as more and more people realize the importance of being kind to the environment, companies that utilize green technology or sell green products are seeing an increase in profits.

Customers tend to respond very positively to any green changes made by a business; Target and Wal-Mart, for example, saw a positive response from customers to their decisions to incorporate green changes like recycling or changing transportation routes to save gas.

Improved Workplace Environment

Going green has an effect on everybody involved in the business. Providing green options within a company can lead to an overall improvement of the workplace environment, better staff satisfaction, and lower sick day rates. Green cleaning supplies, for example, aren’t just better for the environment but also for the overall health and wellness of employees, particularly those who suffer from respiratory issues like asthma.

Some companies have even converted leftover food in the company cafeteria into methane, which proves an extra source of energy. The list really is endless when it comes to green strategies you can take to make your business better for everyone.

Improved Sustainability

The value of eco-friendly business processes largely relates to environmental health. Going green prevents the waste of natural resources, helping to reduce depletion over time. And, it’s simple; being greener is something that every business can achieve, from making sure that lights are switched off in unused rooms or offices, to installing solar panels to use renewable energy.

Recycling more, using digital instead of paper documents, switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, using energy-efficient lightbulbs, appliances, and machinery, and allowing employees to work from home, rather than driving into the office daily, are just some of the easily achievable strategies most businesses are able to take. You don’t need to spend lots of money or huge amounts of time on going green.

In 2020, every business should be adopting green strategies to set a shining example of environmental responsibility.


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