5 Latest Business Travel Technologies Shaping The Industry

Shaping world of business travel technologies 444444The latest business travel technology tools are transforming the industry for the better. As a business owner, you are always looking for new tools and tactics to improve your corporate trips. You need your employees to be comfortable traveling across the country or overseas. After all, unsatisfied employees do not produce quality work. Keep them happy and at ease while traveling by technology at the workplace.

In order to improve your strategies for planning and executing travel plans, you need the most reliable, efficient tools. Continue reading to learn about the top business travel technologies shaping the industry’s future.

Driverless Cars

Currently developing rapidly, driverless cars are one of the top business travel technology tools changing the industry’s future. Professionals can use 5G technology to automate cars so that its passengers do not have to drive. Business owners can travel to their destinations without losing out on quality business hours. You can still make a deal via your mobile devices without putting yourself in danger.

While you should still pay attention to the road while traveling in a driverless car, you do not have to be as afraid of getting distracted. Employers and employees alike can make up for loss time due to any commuting delays with this new business travel technology tool.

ePassport Gates

Another business travel technology tool that businesses should use to optimize corporate trips is the ePassport gate. In the past, the United Kingdom only allowed U.K. and European Union nationals to utilize their ePassport gates. Now, they are permitting travelers from other parts of the world access. Business owners and employees who are citizens of the U.S. can now use the ePassport gates to expedite their travel processes.

You can use the automated self-service kiosks to verify your identity. The machines use facial recognition tools that rely on electronic chips that hold each person’s biometric data. You and your executive teams no longer have to stand in long lines waiting to prove your identity. You can take matters into your own hands and get to your international meeting on time.

Itinerary Management Apps

Additionally, apps for itinerary management improve company travel. This business travel technology allows business owners and/or managers to plan their schedules efficiently. Moreover, the best apps have features that provide business travel analytics, benchmarking and reporting.

Since travel issues can arise at any moment, this is a beneficial feature for teams on a tight schedule. In addition, you can turn on notifications so that your entire team receives reminders when trip dates are approaching. Before downloading an itinerary management app, ensure that it has a reliable support team that works with travelers on a global level. Then, you will be able to manage your itineraries easily with this business travel technology tool.

Artificial Intelligence

Recent AI advancements can potentially lead to more personalized corporate trips. The travel technology tool can upgrade chatbots and digital assistants.

Professionals predict that they will soon be able to identify travelers’ preferences and book hotels accordingly. Then, you will not have to spend time researching hotels for you and/or your team. As a result, you can put more time into planning your presentations, prepping your meetings and scaling up the business with technology.

If you want to profit off of your corporate trips, follow the advancements being made on this business travel technology tool.

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Baggage Trackers

Lastly, baggage trackers are business travel technology tools that can assist employers in optimizing their trips. Baggage tracking technology entails building electronic tags into travelers’ suitcases and other forms of luggage. Travelers can track their tagged pieces of luggage right from their mobile devices. Business owners can relax when traveling, knowing that their sensitive business materials and personal belongings can be tracked at any given time.

Moreover, you can check in electronically tagged luggage before even getting to the airport. Then, all you have to do upon arrival is drop your luggage off. Thus, you can feel at ease and move through the airport faster with this business travel technology tool.

Business owners who travel often or have employees who travel for work need to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies advancing the industry. For instance, driverless cars are creating a future where workers can produce quality work during their commutes.

EPassport gates allow travelers doing business in the U.K. to minimize their airport time. Itinerary management apps assist business owners in planning their corporate trips. Artificial intelligence advancements have the potential to upgrade chatbots and digital assistants for faster planning. Finally, baggage trackers allow business travelers to check in their luggage before even arriving at the airport, saving them time when they do arrive. Follow these business travel technology tool trends to constantly improve your corporate trips.