Causes of Truck Accidents

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Road hazards are common across the country. Trucks and huge vehicles are everywhere on the roads in cities of the United States. There are lots of causes of truck accidents on the roads and no one is 100% secure from them. Recent statistics show that there has been a rise in the number of truck accidents in Seattle. Common causes of those accidents are the following:


Not all drivers arrive on time and because of the pressure from the employer and other factors they drive fast reaching their destination before the deadline. And without thinking about bad consequences they may increase their speed and get in trouble.

Drugs and Alcohol

We’ve seen some pubs and bars in common places where the trucks stop to relax after driving a lot. Once stopping there they may use some alcohol and drugs, and without getting enough sleep continue their route. The use of alcohol and drugs keeps them awake all the time during driving, however, it affects the driver’s brain and can be a cause of accidents.

Driver Fatigue

Although some regulations set the exact hours that drivers are allowed to drive, truck drivers are on the roads long hours and there is a risk of getting in an accident because of driver fatigue. Not all companies and truck drivers follow these norms and most of the time they extend their driving hours without thinking about getting in an accident.

Poor Training

There are lots of training, requirements, licenses, and other stuff that the driver should learn about to drive a truck. Some drivers get on the roads much sooner before those needed requirements. And because of less knowledge, the drivers may get into trouble while driving.

Inappropriate Load

There are times when the companies load their products into a truck in an appropriate way. Each cargo has its regulations and requirements according to its size, weight, height, and length. During the load, the company should keep the regulations and rules without overloading or loading in an improper way. This is also a problem and the result of that may be an accident. That is why the driver and the company should be aware of that problem to avoid trouble.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Time by time the vehicles should be repaired and get the maintenance service that is needed. For example, they should change oil, tires and wheels, brakes, and other parts of the truck to be safe. There are lots of drivers who procrastinate and because of changing those parts later than needed, they get into trouble.

While the truck gets into an accident it causes more serious injuries compared to accidents of passenger cars. There can be bodily, spinal cord, head and brain, and other types of injuries. It is very important to get the right medical procedures․ The financial cause of a serious accident can be in huge amounts. So, the company and the driver should get compensated to get the needed medical treatment.

Getting that compensation is not an easy task, both the company and the driver need a high-quality expert to get out of that challenging situation. Seattle is one of those cities experiencing increased accidents. If you live in Seattle and get into such an unpleasant affair, you can turn to truck accident attorneys who will be there to support you. While having legal representatives like them you will get much easier financial recovery.

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