Common SEO Errors You Need to Avoid 

SEO or search engine optimization concept. Paper with SEO ideas or plan, cup of coffee and smartphone on wooden table desk

SEO is a potentially complex area that you need to remain fully up to speed with at all times. As such, there are bound to be a whole host of different errors that are being made time and time again. While the following blog post cannot cover each and every one of them, it can focus on a few of the most common issues so you can be ready to take some firm action against them and put yourself on the path to success. 

Slow site speed 

One of the most common issues that many people don’t even think about as they are so focused on keywords and the other common aspects of SEO is a slow site speed that can end up clogging everything up and causing a situation where you are being ranked lower than you would have been otherwise. Taking this into account, it is certainly important that you try to address the root cause of what is leading to this sluggish speed. For example, it could well be that you have simply too many high res images and videos that take a long time to load. While these may all look fancy enough, if people do not get to see them in the first place, this is obviously going to be a major issue. At the same time, if this is negatively impacting your SEO, it certainly may be worth thinking twice about all of them. 

Duplicate content 

You need to ensure that all of the content on your site is original and not copied and pasted from elsewhere. An agency such as Menerva Digital can help to ensure that the content on your site is doing you plenty of favors in terms of originality. While it may well feel like you are cutting corners by simply posting different content from elsewhere, you are actually going to do more harm than good and it is going to take a great deal more time and effort to attempt to put everything right all over again. 

Failing to optimize the site for mobile 

With so many people accessing the internet on their mobile devices rather than the traditional desktop models, if you are not optimizing the site for mobiles, you are obviously missing a major trick and causing a situation where your site may well not be performing as well as it should be. So, this should be put right at the heart of what you are doing, and it is much more likely to lead to a situation where your site is performing well from all angles and getting to the position that you want it to in the long run. 

If you are able to avoid each and every one of these common issues in terms of the SEO of your site, it is much more likely to perform in the way that you would want and expect of it. Ultimately, great SEO is all about the things that you should not be doing – just as it is about what to keep on doing right.