Content Ideas to Level Up Your Instagram Strategy

Instagram is a place where everything that matters is your content. Its interface also focuses on the content rather than any other aspect. Whether you’re an Influencer or a newbie, you should not compromise over the quality of your content. But sometimes, we couldn’t get any creative content ideas that affect the quality of our content. If you’re also running short of ideas, you can choose any of the below tips to post on your newsfeed.

1.  Ask your users a question

Asking interesting questions not only maximizes your engagement but also creates a lot of opportunities. When users share their experiences, giving opinions or thoughts, then it builds a relationship between you and your follower.

User-insight is one of the biggest assets of today’s world. You can utilize these insights for getting content ideas. Creating content this way actually gets more engagement since you’re posting what your followers want to see.

Not only the content but you can focus on your product as well, which definitely helps you to drive more sales. You can also get more traffic through SuperViral Canada toward your business product.

If you’re a gym trainer then you can ask the users, which one is your favorite exercise for the leg day?. Similarly, you can ask relevant yet interesting questions from your users.

2.  Show a tutorial

Posting tutorial videos is another great way to provide value to your followers or customers. You can ask your audience which tutorial video they want to see and then make an interesting video.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you can share any important tips or cover any muscle-training exercises. Since Instagram is a favorite place for Influencers and celebrities, therefore, this kind of content has more chances of getting exposure.

3.  Go behind the scenes

If you’re a business owner and selling any of your products, then this type of content is for you. Sharing behind-the-scenes content is one of the powerful forms of content as it builds your trust. Usually, brands share such content on Instagram Story.

Behind-the-scenes content can be the video showing how your product is being manufactured. This way, a user feels special and he starts believing that the product you’re providing is of good quality.

4.  Jump on a trend

Here’s a quick hack of getting your content viral in no time. There are always some trends, being followed by the audience on the social media platform. You can shift your content strategy towards these trends and ultimately, people will enjoy it.

5.  Share user-generated content

UGC or simply user-generated content belongs to the users, and it is shared by any brand or Influencer. If you’re running a marketing campaign for a brand, then you can ask the customers to share their experiences with your product.

For Instance, if you have a T-Shirt brand then you can ask your audience to comment on your pictures wearing your shirt. And then comments with most heart-reacts will be featured in your timeline. Several brands are already exploiting this useful idea, and they are reaping good results out of it.

6.  Crosspost from other social media sites

Cross-promoting your content on other social media channels should be a part of your content strategy. Most of the time, users share their stories from one platform to another. Cross-promotion helps your content to get in front of a major audience and result in getting it more exposure.

7.  Blog Posts

If you have a blog on any niche, then always share some part of it in your newsfeed. Many expert bloggers have revealed that they get thousands of unique visitors, just from Instagram.

You can also employ story-telling techniques to build an interest in your content.

8.  Celebrate Holidays

Always keep yourself connected with your followers on the events of happiness. Celebrate the holidays and share the content. You can schedule the content on your brand-page, from the Instagram business account.

9.  Create Your Own Game or Challenge

You can create your own game or challenge from your Instagram account. For Instance, you can hold a contest or competition regarding your content or niche. Set any of the prizes as it encourages the audience to engage with these competitions.


All of the above-mentioned ideas cannot be only a hole into your content strategy. But you can get an amazing engagement rate, by following these ideas.

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