3 Content Marketing Secrets You Need To Know

Content is king.

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So goes the old adage that has been proven right time and time again. It’s the glue that holds websites together, and without it your site would be as much use as a sandwich with no filling.

But content needs to be done well – it must have style as well as substance, and it has to sell not just your product but your business, its values and its missions. When executed poorly, customers won’t take a second glance. But get it right, and it could be the beginning of long-term relationships with loyal customers.

Read on to discover the three content marketing secrets that everyone needs to know

1. Less is more

On-site content needs to be thorough and informative, answering user’s questions and enticing them to choose your brand.

And while it’s tempting to write a mini War & Peace to make sure all bases are covered, it’s not necessarily the right way to go about it. Some sites will insist on cramming pages chock-full of lengthy paragraphs and walls of text in order to keep users reading and extend their time spent onsite, it’s actually much better to keep your content concise and to the point to help users find exactly what they need.

This said, content can be used to keep users online for longer whilst getting them to engage with your brand, as our next point will explore…

2. Have fun with it!

Not all of your content needs to be purely functional, and a regularly updated blog can be a great way to connect with your audience.

Your blog updates should focus on topics relative not only to your brand but to your audience’s interests – for instance, if your brand sells clothing aimed at 18-25 year old’s, your blog can explore topics such as fashion and cosmetics as well as popular culture.

Promoting these blogs via mailing lists and social media will boost engagement, as they will bring traffic to your site which in turn leads to a greater number of conversions. This kind of engagement which keeps users returning regularly to your site is the difference between advertising your products and marketing your brand.

Elements of content marketing
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3. Create outside of the box

Written content is essential for your site, but it’s not the only way to connect with consumers.

In fact, visual content is a unique and appealing way to liven up your online channels, from onsite engagement to social media – experts like SNS Group are adept at creating this type of content for brands.

Bold graphics and photography are a great way to add a little colour and imagination to your website and social media platforms, whilst video is another oft-overlooked content type that is accessible, easy for users to engage with, and extremely versatile, allowing you to break the content mould and show your customers something out of the ordinary.

These are just three content secrets that will up your creative game and mark you out from your competitors.

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