Coworking Convenience – 5 Ways Coworking Space Can Make Your Working Life Less Stressful

Coworking imageIf your nine-to-five gig has got you stressed out, consider coworking as an option. The workstyle outfit that started out as a way for professionals to share space in a non-competitive environment has grown to be a place where businesses and the self-employed can engage each other while at work. Many of these spaces are attractive because working becomes more than using space for productivity. These offices often define the personality of the places, and in many cases, they can be a major place of support for your business.

Many of these spaces have grown into 24/7 offices that provide workstations, dedicated desks, or private offices for businesses. Professionals can also access meeting and conference rooms, if available with the plan. This all-in-one office style is more than a trend but has become popular because the coworking space is a less stressful environment in which to work.

Let’s take a look at just a few reasons that coworking spaces are great places to work and how they can help to make your workday run smoother.

Fluid Space

One of the impediments to the many stressors that affect people at work are the boundaries established when offices are created with partitions, walls, or cubicles.  Coworking spaces, alternatively, have very few walls, which allow for more approachability. Coworking professionals can find themselves working at desks in the same space where community members are collaborating on projects. The open plan makes working in the office more comfortable and less stressful. Nestled in the heart of the city, this coworking space in Nashville offers an innovative and vibrant workspace for creative professionals.

Community Atmosphere

The coworking space also presents opportunities for businesses to enjoy the community. With designated places to hang out and an events calendar with a number of activities, your coworking space becomes a place to network and build relationships. In fact, social networking makes it easier for professionals to relax in the workspace, in addition to making it easier to connect for partnerships and collaboration. When your workspace is also a community, stress that is normally associated with working in your typical office space is minimised.

Flexible Hours

Another major stressor of the modern American workspace is time. Even though work has become more efficient, professionals can find themselves stressed out by trying to get everything packed in by the end of the workday. However, many coworking spaces have 24-hour a day platform, which allows professionals to work at their convenience.

Instead of being mandated to show up at the office, you can essentially set your own hours. If you have school-aged children and working the standard workday is not practical, come into the space later in the day or evening. Alternatively, you are someone who wants to avoid heavy traffic during peak times. Consider coming into the space either before or after peak traffic times. This freedom to determine working hours can reduce the stress professionals experience.

Work-Life Amenities

Many of the newer coworking spaces are beginning to offer amenities that make it easier to fit life into our work. Spaces that include showers and changing rooms, ones with daycare, ones that cater to the needs of women and ones with gyms all offer amenities that make work less stressful, if not convenient. These perks can help reduce the stress associated with juggling a busy life.

Low-Cost Leasing

Finally, the last major reason why coworking spaces are stress relievers is that the price is so much more cost-effective when compared to its value. For workspace and access to office equipment and all of its amenities, professionals get a great deal in terms of cost, which is much lower than leasing through conventional methods. The stress of not having to face overwhelming overhead every month is another reason the coworking space wins out over other office formats.

Stress-Free Coworking Style

Professionals can have the pick of any coworking space in the country. Some are very upscale while many others provide businesses with the basics and a platform to build relationships. Either way, working in any one of the many coworking spaces provides you with a chance to maximise productivity in a stress-free environment.